I don’t know if anybody else had this issue and if you did I would like to know what you did to correct it. Last Saturday I had a friend over to listen to some music. he had not heard the DSD DAC so after the system warmed up, I played a DSD recording. Later in our listening session I went back and tried to play another DSD recording and all I got was white noise and I could very slightly hear the music in the background pulling-hair_gif. I have J River 18 so I went into options and checked my settings and everything was set up properly and I had had no issues since I got the kit installed when playing DSD until fate would have when I had a friend over and wanted to show off the DAC. The next day ,I went back checked my settings and no go. I turned off the DOP option and I got music but the DAC said it was PCM 352.8 at 24 bits. I would like to get a DSD signal sent to the DAC so if anybody has an idea how I could correct this I am all ears.

Most likely there’s a volume control not at unity in JRiver or the OS or there is some kind of DSP in action in JRiver or the OS.

In JRiver under the Player menu there is an “Audio Path” feature - it will tell you what JRiver is doing to your music.

You can also try the suggestions in “How to run a bit perfect test with DirectStream” http://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-run-a-bit-perfect-test-with-directstream/