DSD max volume with Pass XP-32 preamp

What would be the ideal volume on my modded Directstream dac going into a Pass Labs XP-32 preamp? I currently have the volume fixed at 100% which is probably fine going into my preamp. Would there be any advantage to setting the volume to for example 92% and increasing the volume of the preamp. Currently my sound is good but I thought I would ask. I think I may have read somewhere that 100% volume on the Directstream dac is okay if going into a preamp. I am not experiencing any noise from my dac that I am aware of. Would a lower fixed volume on the Directstream dac sound better?

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Considering you have the equipment at hand give it a go, and try various other volume settings on both units. Your ears will tell you which may be the best settings. Ted has suggested 92% as a general starting point, but again each individual’s system is different. Experiment and share the results as it should be a fun exercise.

Set the DS volume to your taste…92 is good starting point…
Even way lower volume levels can sound pleasing…I know
from having tried them.

For late nite listening I have set my DS dac output to low.
For most listening levels 97 - 99 great results.

Try different levels …your ears will let you know…

Best wishes