DSD MKI OEM Packaging

You may know DSD MKI, MKII, etc., but do you know DSD packaging? :slightly_smiling_face:

What are the components of PSA OEM packaging for the DSD MKi and how does it go together?

Background long story short: I bought a secondhand DSD MKI in 2019. I wanted new OEM packaging, so I ordered it from PS Audio. Recently, I sold the DSD. As I package for shipping, the DSD seems too loose in the inner carton. A second request to PS Audio for packaging…yields the same set of cartons. It seems like something is missing.

I have bought and sold a few other PS Audio components that used similar packaging. With the P12 – which possibly uses the same case and packaging – I generally remember is there are some foam pieces that fitted onto the P12 to keep it snug in the inner box. But I don’t have anything like that from PSA for shipping the DSD.

PSA has been nice about sending packaging materials, but not responsive to my follow up questions. Yes, I called. Three times and counting. It goes to voice messaging. Yes, I sent email. There is no reply.

So I turn to the Genie that is the collective wisdom of the PSA forums. :smile:

Who can tell me – or even better – share a photo of how your DSD MKI was packed?

Equipment sits on a sheet of plastic that stretches under the weight of the dac and another sheet of plastic attached to a cardboard frame sits on the top of the dac which too is under tension/compression when the box flaps are closed down.
No poly foam packing just the plastic being compressed top and bottom of the equipment holding the dac firmly.


That packaging design is brilliant.


it is but I’ve had the plastic come unglued from cardboard and/or stretch too much

I like it as well. But I have grown fond of the expansion foam approach that completely engulfs the kit but has a conforming/flexible barrier between the foam and the kit.

Seems like I have only seen this with repackaged equipment I have purchased used though.