Packing a DirectStream

Anybody have any pics by any chance of how a DirectStream DAC goes in the factory box? The packing material is rather - confusing, I must say. There are two inner three-sides “boxes” but the cutout in each is quite a bit bigger than the DAC. If you put the DAC in one and on top of the other it then has almost no padding on the top side. Etc. I hate to ask such a stupid question but it’s just not straightforward.

IIRC my DS came in a plastic clamshell sort of arrangement–you open it up, put the DS in, lower the top. Sounds like you have something completely different. Hopefully some else can clarify this.

I have a couple of pictures on my IPad that would be helpful.

However I can not figure out how to paste them here. Hopefully someone can tell me how to do it.

Or I could email them to you.

You can email them to me. The clamshell’s pretty easy to capture the unit in. It sounds like what you have didn’t come from the factory. Email me personally paul at