PS Audio Customer Service/DSD 128/256 Question

Once again PS Audio looked after me. The Coax RCA input on my DirectStream Sr. died back in May and I was using the AES/EBU input with a Neutrik Transformervas a workaround. I finally got around to shipping it and they changed the input board as was suspect. It’s been rock solid for over a year and half.

Anyway, after the quick fix, it was shipped to my old address. Normally I follow up on RMA’s but this time I didn’t because they turned it around so fast !

The snafu was internal and while I was upset, instead of freaking and bee yaching all over social media (which seems to be the norm nowadays). I tried to recover the package from FeEx but they were of absolutely no help. The FedEx Delivery :truck: Driver was purely at fault. They would not call the Driver and recover the package so I that I could drive down to the FedEx Distribution Facilty later in the afternoon when the Driver was done his shift and pick the package up myself.

PS Audio always had strict delivery instructions that the package must be signed for and ID shown. The Driver/Recipient committed fraud by not following PS Audio’s instructions.

Now I’m furious. Not at PS Audio but FedEx’s dismal customer support. The whole thing could have been resolved if the Driver had held onto the package. I’ve had UPS leave stickers on my door when we weren’t home to receive a package many times.

Mark @ PS Audio stepped in and we we ready to put Fraud allegations and an insurance claim against FedEx. All of a sudden within two weeks, the box arrived at my current address. My Wife had to sign for it and show her Drivers License. First World Problem resolved !

Now the DSD question. When Windom was released, DSD64 was not effected but is the DSD128 & DSD256 via I2S always converted to PCM 176.4/24 Bit. ? I never see DSD128 or DSD256 displayed unless it’s USB DoP (DSD128 only).

While I’ve re downloaded (@DSD64 all my store bought DSD128 and one DSD256. I’m perfectly content with DSD64. The higher bitrates don’t really matter to me. Same goes for 192 vs 96 PCM/24 But debate. I do hear a difference between 16/44 and 96/24 PCM.

Is the Chinese HDMI Video to HDMI I2S adapter the limited to just decoding/stripping off the DSD @ 64fs only ?

Asking fellow adapter users if they see the same results.



DSDxx and DoPxx will be displayed if that’s what the selected input is getting. The DS always displays just what it’s getting - it counts the bits and the samples and displays the results.

Usually if you play DSD and see PCMxxx and it sounds OK, then something upstream is doing a DSD to PCM conversion. Often that’s configurable, but not always.

If you play DSD and see PCMxxx and it sounds like crud something upstream is doing some kind of volume adjustment, filtering, DSP, etc. The bit perfect tests can help figure this out. (How to run a bit perfect test with DirectStream – PS Audio)


Thx Ted. Once again. You da man. I’ll bet none of the other DAC designers out there are as responsive as you.

Much appreciated Sir !