DSD modded vs DS mk2

It’s probably been already asked and answered but has anyone compared the fully modded DSD with APS transformers and VOCM mod and external analog power supply and power supply board against a new DS mk2. I am enjoying a full mod mk1 as stated above and I like it but I wonder how it would compare to the mk2.

I’ve seen “both sides now” on this forum regarding these two DACs configured. . . it may be system dependent.

It would be easy for me to believe that the results are very close or that one would prefer one or the other. I have a DSD Mk II and an original DSD with the Edcor transformer mod and the outboard power supply board and a Farad Super3 (no VOCM mod) and the two are different, and in my main system I prefer the Mk II but it’s certainly a subtle difference in presentation and my wife prefers the sound of the original DSD (she likes a slightly more forceful sound than I).

Here’s hoping you get conclusive impressions and opinions posted here of direct comparisons.

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For me the MK2 was a step up from the (almost) fully modded MK1. I think the MK2 has about double the processing power and Ted was able to get more performance using the newer tech.
Either one are good choices especially from a value for money viewpoint.


I have a modded MK1 with the APS and VOCM mods. I compared it to a MK2 and I liked the improvements the MK2 made, but they were very subtle. After the MK2 left, I noticed it’s absence but only briefly.

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I heard that at Axpona 2023

I was able to compare my modded mk2 and modded mk1 recently and I’d say the differences are subtle but definitely there. I wouldn’t consider the mk1 better in any way but it’s great value for the money. The signatures are close but the mk2 is more refined in every way. So if you like the mk1, the mk2 is a logical upgrade.

Another reason to go mk2 is the future support and future firmware upgrades. A modded mk1 is capped unless you plan on sticking candle sized capacitors on it. We’re about 1/2 full on one FPGA chips out of two so Ted still has plenty of room to improve the performance.

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Haven’t been active lately as I am spending more time listening to music than to my gear. :slight_smile:

I have the fully modded MK1 with APS/VOCM, shielding minus the PSU mod. I’ve also compared it to MK2 stock enough to know the subtle difference. I wouldn’t go as far to say that the MK2 is better but there is a subtle difference. If I were deciding between the two, I’d go the fully modded MK1 route and spend the rest of the money on upgrading/cleaning up the network and putting the router and streamer on a decent linear power supply. I’ve been using HDPlex 300W for my Roon server, two routers, and streamer and the gain you have there is far greater than upgrading your DAC. This is just my personal experience so YMMV.

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I have a never used JK Richards analogue power supply board for sale here in the Marketplace thread if you are interested.

Thanks for considering my shameless plug, and back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I did the APS upgrade on MK2, and I really like the improvement it made in case anyone is wondering.

I would 100% agree the APS upgrade on the MK2 is amazing.

Haven’t heard the mkII yet, but I’m extremely happy with my APS VOCM modded mkI.

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