DSD no Artwork at all

I am new to the forum and use the directstream dac now a couple of weeks to my satisfaction, I have read many items about the artwork, I use a roon nucleus and never see any image, what do i wrong, have tried an 16gb, 8gb, 4gb nothing…is there a instruction what to do?

Artwork display requires the Bridge II card. That said, it’s unfortunately not terribly reliable doing this job. A blank SD card is also required, formatted FAT16 or FAT32 and the smaller capacity the better, such as the 4GB.

Most have decided that best sound quality is achieved with the display off.

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I use the bridge II card

Fantastic, I no longer do

Just curiosity, you are using the bridge II input selected on the DS DAC not usb input? I just wanted to make sure you are not expecting that just having the Bridge ii physically present won’t allow artwork on any input but Bridge II. I am sure you knew that but wanted to double check.

Further, have you made sure the gold contacts of the card are facing upwards and that the card is all the way in where it clicks in?

Yes I selected the bridge ll input, use a audioquest carbon ethernet cable from a aqvox network switch to the dac, also a carbon between the roon nucleus and the aqvox. I know how to use the sd card, did the upgrade to Windom successful. Most of the stored files are alac. Have not seen one single artwork yet.

No one a solution?

Do you have an SD card inserted at the back formatted to Fat16 or Fat32?

Sounds like you’re doing everything right. Are you exclusively playing local files or are you streaming anything?

I have tried different sd cards, 32gb, 16Gb and now 8Gb fat32. I play locally saved ALAC files on Roon Nucleus

Do each of the tracks have the album art attached with the files?

Try Fat16…

If i open the files on a computer, every file has artwork. I ripped cd with dbpoweramp, every cd in a map.

try fat16, even use a windows machine (you never know)

…not one singel artwork yet

I’m not 100% sure but always though you had to have a folder.jpg file, in the directory along with the songs. Using JRiver (if you use JRiver), you can extract the folder.jpg from the embedded art within the song file.