New DSD, No Cover Art

Confused reading through all the “I have no cover art” threads, and have tried what seems to have solved the problem for others (insert blank SD card). On my unit, playing ROON over USB, I get no cover art. Is there some setting on the unit itself I need to do, or should it just come up automatically? etc. Sorry for being such a DS noob, much to learn.

Tbh I don’t care all that much, but concerned it’s not working since the unit is brand new. Have latest OS.

Open to any suggestions / tech support.


If you are playing Roon via USB that would suggest that you have another device in front of the DAC and you don’t have the Bridge II? Is that correct? If that is the case you cannot expect to get cover art that way.

Ah. Thanks John. Was wondering if it was a limitation of using usb.

I’m connected directly to the dsd from Rock on a NUC. I have a bridge ii on the way tho, which sounds like a good alternative