DSD sampler

Cookie Marenco kindly and helpfully has made available a free format sampler, here:


I’ve spent 20 minutes or so trying to make use of this. The problem is that if you take a good Ella & Louis song, take away the vocals, then take away the rasping trumpet and percussion, then stretch the piano intro from 90 seconds to about 5 minutes you get a piece of very slow cocktail bar music. Comparison is made difficult as the levels seem to be slightly different. So besides a possibly slightly harder sound on the 16/44 version, I couldn’t hear any difference to high res PCM or DSD options. This was disappointing.

Please tell as soon as you found a good comparison option with music that allows judging a few characteristics! Jazz group, classical quartet, symphony etc. piano can also do but should be dynamic with quite some use of longer decay, too.

It is a shame they didn’t have a DSD recording system when Ella, Louis, Buddy Rich and Oscar Peterson got together to do that one.

I agree that there is a wide range of jazz groupings, chamber music or small baroque orchestras (with woodwind, horns and vocals, for example Monteverdi Vespers of 1610) that would do the job well.