The Blue Coast Records thread

I started this thread to tell about my latest experience with Blue Coast Records, to clarify some questions with Cookie, give us the chance to occasionally discuss interesting topics with a pro like Cookie aside of Paul‘s posts, give Cookie a Chance to post some news and us to share Blue Coast recommendations with other forum folks.

So first my hot recommendations, as I’m not that much into quieter blues, folk, singer/songwriter and piano stuff, but a Jazznut :

That”s what I recently acquired. At first I saw that Cookie has Kai Eckhardt as an artist, who’s one of my favorite bass players since I know him from John McLaughlin albums with Trilok Gurtu. He’s fantastic there. So besides the “special event” Blue coast recording with a great slapping bass piece to play loud, I looked for further albums he’s part of. I found the two Valence project albums, which are somewhere between jazz fusion and Pop/Jazz. Listen to track 5 and 10 on “Heart drum” and track 1,2 and 7 of “Valence project”. Play “who do you love” and “pieces of the puzzle” loud and have fun! Great sound in your face and beat, and a wonderful firm deep bass especially on “I am Shiva‘ and „Who do you love”.

Then I listened to a flamenco recording of Jason McGuire. Man, if you want to own just one flamenco album, take this one! The soundstage is little bigger than in real life in my setup (he breathes a bit aside of his guitar but the guitar itself is captured gorgeously), and it sounds so good and dynamic (makes one rise it louder than an acoustic guitar usually is, it’s fun) and the guy really plays fantastic, highly recommended!

So now a further peak: imagine a guy playing a bassoon like a saxophone, looping on the one album and playing fusion on the other…I own some jazz albums with strange instruments…classical horn, tuba, harp…but a bassoon?? Man that’s real freakin’ cool and really played like a jazz instrument. Don’t know how he manages to have the breath/lip. He (Paul Hanson) plays great and great music really! I had to dry my eyes on the second track of the “special events” album when I played it at proper level and imagined to hear this live. Wow. Reminded me on a concert of Aliza Mustafe Zadeh looping her singing. Every jazz fan must have this album (even if it’s just for the few best tracks) and every jazz fusion fan the other one! If you meet him Cookie, tell him he moved one more with me :wink:

Cookie, you make really gorgeous recordings! I wish you’d do more jazz or classical! I had a great listening session with live levels, your recordings make me turn volume up and have fun!

Now my questions to Cookie:

Your albums are available on two sites, your, which offers really great navigation/selection but no single buy of tracks as does for the same albums. Why not enable single track buy on your site? But it’s great and simple to buy there just directly with PayPal quick buy without registration.

How is it possible to identify and search for albums aside of your own label, that you recorded and/or mastered?

Why do you offer albums (and how do you select them) that (so I assume due to the credits) have nothing to do with your own work (e.g. SFS albums or a Christian McBride etc.)?

Why don’t you integrate the information about the albums (technical info, artist info), given on your website, into a pdf you supply with the tracks? It’s a pity that after a buy, one has to repeatedly look them up online.

Keep on the great work!

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My last listen this evening was Paul Hanson’s hypnotic “Petulant overcast” once more…and again…

I can’t imagine how you could take care of the recording when attending this :wink:

Is there a sampler of music to buy?

There are several. You can listen to everything online first, don’t even have to buy a sampler right away. The repertoire, although it’s mixed, has a tendency, so you can see if it’s yours. I grabbed what’s mine and hope to find some more later.

Use this link for collections

Thank you for starting this thread! How wonderful.

There are several places where you can buy music recorded by us at Blue Coast Records.

Blue Coast Music is our store for selling high resolution downloads. At Blue Coast Music, we sell music for Blue Coast Records, San Francisco Symphony, Mack Avenue Records and other independent labels where we have rights to sell worldwide. Please note, not all the recordings we sell at Blue Coast Music were recorded by me.

Here is a list I’ve sorted of recordings for Blue Coast Records…

We have 3 Collections and a few other samplers available. The latest is Blue Coast Collection 3 and recorded in our favorite style we call… Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.)

While I enjoy recorded larger and more complex records for other labels, for myself and my own enjoyment, I find I like the emotional connection from artists playing without headphones, in the same room with a focus on lyrics and beautiful tone. It’s like having the artist in the same room… every breath and pluck is heard… even a few of the giggles before and after the song might be included.

I also enjoy including a painting or artwork by friends and musicians. The painting on the front cover is by Fiona Joy Hawkins… one of our artists.

We’re experimenting with releasing singles of the best songs we have. The download includes 8 formats and yes, the price is higher. We always have coupon codes available if you receive our newsletter or if you write to us directly.

I’ll be back to offer more information. In the meantime, if you have questions, please feel free to ask me here.
Thank you!

Cookie Marenco
Blue Coast Records and Music


Great to have you on the forum Cookie!

Thanks much Cookie!

My main remaining question is:

How is it possible to identify and search for albums NOT of your own label Bluecoast, that you recorded and/or mastered and separate them from the albums you offer but didn’t record or master?

Thanks much Cookie!

My main remaining question is:

How is it possible to identify and search for albums NOT of your own label Bluecoast, that you recorded and/or mastered and separate them from the albums you offer but didn’t record or master?

Thank you for asking. At this time, we don’t have a search for albums I’ve worked on but not on Blue Coast Records. There are plenty of albums on labels that we don’t have the rights to sell as well.

Maybe I’ll start a list here. :slight_smile:
Make It Rain… Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai

Heart Drum … The Valence Project

At the Feet of Ol’ Bristle Cone… Joshua Lowe and the Juncos

More coming…
Cookie Marenco
Blue Coast Music and Records

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Just out today… I recorded and mixed this album for Gregory James Band and Benny Reitveld produced (he’s the bass player in Carlos Santana’s band). I hadn’t heard it in a while and we remastered for DSD256 using our SEA process. SEA (Systems for Exceptional Sound) restores some of the dynamics lost in PCM… not all but some. It’s a wonderful recording how ever you listen. :slight_smile:

Thanks Cookie! is a staple in my “just changed something in my system, how does it sound”.

Have a great day!

I have to say that Immediately Blessed on Blue Coast Collection (the original) in DSD64 is probably one of the best, if not THE best, sounding recording I’ve ever heard. It’s remarkably good. I bought the DSD128 remastered version as well (no point in DSD256 as the Directstream doesn’t support it) and while I hear a difference between the two, I prefer the original mix/master version.

I plan on listening to some of the other albums from this label in the near future and expect great things.

Thank you… Immediately Blessed is one of my favorites, too. I go back n forth as to which version I prefer, but at the moment, ,I am leaning towards the original myself.

Blue Coast Collection 2 and 3 have some great performances. BCC2… Mutineer. BCC3 Johnny Colorado.

Let me know what you think and if you have more favorites.

Cookie Marenco
Blue Coast Records and Music

Thanks, I will definitely give those tracks a listen to. It’s a shame other record lables don’t go to the same lengths you guys do. The sound quality difference is so easy to hear, even people listening with the free pair of headphones they get with their cell phones should be able to tell the difference. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. There’s no garbage at all with these recordings. The big lables have the resources and money, especially for some of the bigger names signed to the label, to do the same recording and mastering process you guys do. I guess Pro Tools is good enough… Again, it’s a shame.

The Mahler SFO 2 sounds nice, Im sure all the SFO Mahlers sound great

Ok, Ill attempt to get it back on topic…

I just purchased Blue Coast Collection 1, 2, and 3. Looking forward to spinning them on my DMP/DSD stack.

Nice “HOLIDAY30” discount code, BTW! :+1:

You’re in for a treat. There are only a handful of albums I’ve heard from other labels that sound as good as the ones you’re about to listen to. I think Opus3 has some great sounding records too. I just recently found Rainbow People by Eric Bibb on SACD released under Opus3. It has similar sound quality to these Blue Coast recordings. It’s worth checking out if you’re impressed with these Blue Coast albums.

Nice! Thanks @seegs108. I am really excited to give them a listen once they arrive. I have heard various tracks from from Blue Coast and have always been impressed. Been meaning to lay down some cash on a few discs. This thread was a nice reminder :grin:

Eric Bibb is a great artist. I will definitely check out that Opus3. I have some other discs and LP’s from that label. I agree, also quality stuff. Thanks for the recommendation.

The Blue Coast goods have arrived! Thank you Cookie!

I know what I’ll being doing later this evening.