DSD v1 not showing up in MIDI setup

I use a Mac Mini via USB to play music. The Mac stays on all the time & the DSD is turned off (with remote) each session. When I power everything up. the DSD is not visible in the MAC Audio MIDI Setup. I have to power cycle the DSD with the rear switch to get the MAC to see it. Restarting the MAC with the DSD on does not work. The USB is the only input to the DSD. This is not a new problem, just revisiting it. Anyone have a clue if this can be fixed on the MAC?

Welcome kevs.

There’s probably nothing you can do on the Mac other than make sure you’re running the latest macOS version available to you. Other low-cost things you could try would be to use a different USB cable or insert a USB hub in between the computer and Mac (or remove/replace any existing hub you might already be using).