DSD vs FLAC SQ and Loudness

It has been a thrill moving up to the big leagues with the purchase of the Sprout100 and also the KEF LS50 Metas. Also, I went ahead and purchased several albums right here on the Octave label to see how the DSD sound compares to FLAC 96/24. So, over the last several weeks I have purchased the Audiophile Masters VI, Clandestine Amigo and the Gasoline Lollipops albums. And each has offered tracks that I really enjoy. So I mixed all of these, along with songs from other DSD albums, into one big playlist.

But the one thing that I really noticed is that the recording itself is much much lower than the FLAC songs I have downloaded or stream via Qobuz. In fact, so much so that I can turn the Sprout up to 100 percent and not be overwhelmed at all, where i certainly would be with FLAC recordings.

Have others experienced this? I would love to hear what others are experiencing. And perhaps, if you have larger amps none of this matters but just curious to see what others have experienceds.