DSD2 and Bridge II module with Logitech Mediaserver


is anyone using the DSD 2 with the Bridge II module successfully with Logitech Mediaserver and the UPnP bridge plugin? I’ve found some older threads and some postings on the internet, but its still not clear to me if everything is working perfectly with the current firmware now or if there are any problems.

I am blind and I am looking for the best and most accessible way to listen to localy stored music and streaming content from Qobuz. iPeng, the remote control app for iOS and the Squeezebox universe, is still the best app to use with a screen reading solution like VoiceOver on my iPhone. So if the Bridge II can be connected via UPnP without problems using this combination of hard- and software would be great for me.

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Good Day Schoepp. I have been using Logitech Media server with the Bridge 1 and Bridge II modules for years and have experienced no issues. The universal UPnP bridge plug in is periodically updated within the LMS software and has never been problematic.

I have used every version of the DSD software from the original to the current Windom. All versions updated, loaded and played perfectly when completed.

Occasionally I had experienced a no connect issue but that was my old network router and was easily remedied by a power ON/OFF reset. Replacing the router permanently solved that issue.

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