DSJ and Roon

I have a Direct Stream Junior playing on Roon. When I shut down the DSJ from the front panel it seems Roon loses it as a device. When reset from the switch on the back Roon picks it up as a different PS Audio device. After a few attempts it recognizes the DSJ. Anyone else have this problem?

I wonder if shutting down the DSJ from the front panel makes the internal bridge shutdown (lose power) also?

Good question michaelhifi. As I’m new to this network streaming I feel like I’m asking stupid questions and bothering people who are far beyond my knowledge. I have a thousand questions but trying to go slow as to not aggravate people. I also don’t know if the bridge does shut down if it’s normal for Roon to lose it. And why would Roon see it as a different PS Audio gear. I wish I would have written down what it saw. I will next time. Very strange.

Devices that Roon uses as endpoints need to be connected to a powered up and functioning DAC in order for Roon to see them. There may be exceptions to this generalization but the DSD Jr. Is not one of them.

The odd thing is that Roon sees your Jr. as a new device each time.

I never power down my DSD Jr. myself.

Make sure to give it a name in Roon if you haven’t already. I’m not certain why or how Roon would be detecting it as anything other than a DSJ.

I have the same setup, DSJ/BridgeII and Roon. It does not loose the device when I set the DSJ in standby mode. So, make sure DSJ is in nothing else than standby.

As far as I know there is no way to indicate such things in Roon setup.

Also, make sure you assign the DSJ a static IP address.