DSJ roon ready?

I am testing Roon, that is so damn expensive. It was so far the only soft that worked perfectly well (with a good user experience) with my DirectStream Junior DAC.
But since this morning, it is said that the DSJ is not Roon ready !
Before any purchase, do you know why I see that message? Why isn’t it Roon ready? Any information I should know?

Not sure why this message is showing up but we are indeed Roon certified with the DSD and DSJ. This message used to show up a number of years ago and went away.

OK. So, I guess there is no need to worry about that…

Is everything working fine, despite the message?

I think so, but I didn’t have a long time to test…

As of September 21, Roon is making things hard for uncertified Roon Ready devices. You can read about it below. It only affects connections over a network. If your device is working now, don’t disable that device.

You can also ask Roon to grandfather in your device, though the deadline for that was yesterday. Given you’re on a trial, and if the DSJ is showing that it’s not “certified”, I suggest contacting Roon immediately and tell them you won’t pay for a license until they grant your specific DSJ a waiver. Do this today.

The first link below is the announcement, the second is for the fix. I’m sure Roon will grant you a belated waiver if you tell them you won’t pay without one.

Roon has some issue with manufacturers saying they are are Roon Ready but not completing their full certification program. I’m not sure where PS Audio fits on that scale in Roon’s eyes. But if you’re getting the error message, that means Roon has kicked out the DSJ as not being certified enough and you must take up the issue directly with Roon before it’s too late.

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Actually, I don’t understand that, but it seems this message (the fact that roon is uncertified) has disappeared.
They gave me an additional week for my tests, and a solution to fix this issue. But this morning, I tried to follow their process, and I constat that there is no issue anymore.

Does that mean that there is no need to worry anymore?

The only thing in the DSJ that would need to be Roon certified would be the Bridge card from Conversdigital which has been certified for years. If things work and the message is gone then just move on.

I eventually bought Roon. My issue curiously disappeared 2 days before the end of my tests. 2 days after my purchase, the issue has came back.
My DAC (directstream Junior) is seen as “Uncertified” material and I can not use anymore my DAC with Roon.

Obviously, Roon is trying to say that this is PS Audio fault.
*Hi Antoine,

Thanks for submitting an application to be a developer for your uncertified Roon Ready device. It looks like your Directstrem Jr is misreporting itself to Roon, since it’s already designated Roon Ready.

Please reach out to PS Audio for further help, it’s likely a firmware issue that they’re best positioned to resolve!

Thanks for your patience Antoine,

Is there anything you can do on your side?

Give the DSJ and power cycle and make sure you have the latest version of Bridge code. Sometimes the message will go away if you shut off the DAC and turn it back on.

What does it mean?

On the DAC, it is said: bridge update not available

I have try to turn off /on the DAC without any change.

Are you using the rear switch to turn it on and off?

Yes I am.

Have you tried using MConnect to see if it talks to the Bridge properly? I just checked with a colleague and his Bridge works perfectly with ROON, so I don’t think this is an inherent problem with ROON no longer working with the Bridge.

It works perfectly with bubbleupnp and mcconnect.

And btw, people from roon also say that the dsj is actually roon ready. Consequently, they arguee that the issue comes from the DAC.

They ask if it is the bridge II, yet.

Message from Roon:

Just to clarify, the Directstream Junior is Roon Ready if you’re using the Bridge II card. If you have the Bridge II card and it’s still appearing as “Uncertified” in Roon, that means you’re not updated to the latest device firmware, or there’s a problem with your Directstream Junior, not Roon. Do you have the Bridge II card?


My DSD Jr. hasn’t been able to connect to my network in forever. I had given up on it. Just now I went through two hours of pulling my hair out trying to get it to connect. No luck. Then I decided, hey, instead of plugging it into my fancy expensive audio network switch I will just plug it into the EtherREGEN on the four port side. Now I am listening to Tidal MQA via the Bridge on my Junior.

Hey PS Audio, your manual is USELESS when one is having problems with connecting the Bridge to ones network.


And the online support is pretty much the same. Through sheer stubbornness I have solved my issue.

Be better, put instructions online that tell you how to use the button and knob interface to setup a Static IP address. Please. Your device has an unusual interface. It is not explained in the manual and it is not intuitive. I am so frustrated, but successful. Whew.

Your pal,

Just as a side note if my Pink Faun is plugged into the Ether Regen B port it will play music using Roon but is not visible on my network as a device or a location. I cant copy files to or from the PF unless it is plugged into the A port on the ER or the switch that the ER is plugged into. Something inside the ER keeps a downstream machine invisible on my network. Not sure why and I haven’t tried to ask for help.

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By the way it’s weird, my DSJ is not correctly recognized. It is said that my material is a CDMCM-210. I have no idea about what it means.
Is it helpful?