DSMP Display - Track Info


Just got my DirectStream Memory Player hooked up today playing through my DirectStream DAC. Still evaluating the sound but have a comment on the DS MP display interaction with My Playlist.

Red Book CD
Artist : Norah Jones
CD : …Featuring
Track 4 : Baby It’’s Cold Outside

The DS MP display shows the CD name as ‘aFeaturing’ and My Playlist shows the name as ‘Featuring’ for the same CD.

The DS MP display shows the track name as ‘Baby It’as Cold Outside’ but My Playlist shows the track name as ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ for the same track.

Both are slightly wrong but the DS MP is more wrong for both the CD name and track name.

I have noticed with other tracks that a small letter ‘a’ seems to replace any punctuation.

Has anyone else noticed this trivial error?


This is a known issue. I have seen it more often with non-English characters (Prélude comes out as PrAlude), but it looks like affects any characters outside of a rather limited set that the fonts built into the DMP support. It was mentioned during the beta testing but so far has not been resolved.

I’ve had my DMP for a week now. I’ll add a couple of things that I wish the player display and remote could do.

  • Is there a way to display the total CD time? On other players I have the total time comes up when the disc is first inserted. Sometimes I really want to know how long a disc is.

  • I wish I could just press one button to close the drawer and play the disc. If I press ‘play’ on the remote the drawer closes but I still have to wait awhile for the disc to read before I can press play. Pressing play on the remote with the drawer open will not play the disc.

Is it better to post here, or start a new thread for bugs and future features?

Electric, I and presumably others have requested total track time be displayed. Paul responded a while back that the next firmware update would include this. The next question is “when will the firmware be available?”. I don’t know, I think Paul said first quarter, but don’t expect it real soon. As for the “close drawer and play”, I don’t recall anyone asking for it, nor Paul addressing it, so maybe it will be a surprise?

We’re still on track for another release this quarter. Probably near the end so we can include a number of improvements - in all areas. You’ll be pleased.cool

Thanks for your response Paul. I can’t wait!

Er, I can wait, but I can’t wait!


Paul, another thing about the remote is why I have to press the light-up button twice on the bottom right for the remote to light up? I mentioned this in a call to tech support and they said it’s like this to prevent the light from going on if it’s pressed accidentally. To me, so what if the light goes on accidentally. That’s less of an inconvenience than having to press the button twice. FWIW, I have not as yet pressed this button accidentally. And, IMO, the light doesn’t stay on long enough for me to be able to find the button I’m looking for.

Electric, your post on the button for backlighting got me to play with it and I discovered what’s going on. I hit the button once and the backlight came on, this was somewhat of a revelation, such nice backlighting! In other words I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t getting backlighting (I know I saw it at some point but I hadn’t noticed it changed). So I pressed the button again and nothing, then again and the backlight came on. Ok, that’s what you reported. So what is happening is press the button once and the backlighting is disabled, in other words press any button at this point and no backlighting. Press the button again you get the backlight plus when you press any other button the backlighting comes on. Bottom line, it’s an on/off switch for the overall backlight function.

pmotz, thanks for your post. I would never in a million years have figured this out! And now the light stays on long enough. This needs to be explained in the manual.

Well done, pmotz.