DSMP Playing Beatles USB Box Set

Not sure if this the right forum? I bougt this box set used tried to play it through the DSMP and it did not do anything, suggestions I could try later when I get home - Thanks

Have you been able to play it at all on another piece of hardware? I’d try plugging it into a computer and make sure the files are there and that they haven’t been corrupted. This is the set that came in the cool Apple shape?

Did not think of that I will plug it into my laptop

I think they’re just flac files stored on a memory stick, I think you have to point a player at them.

The Apple usb stick 24bit/44.1kHz copy nicely playing from my Melco…


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I prefer the remastered CDs (16 bit) over the 24bit ones anyway. I find them more musical in the bass.

It’s nice we can choose between vinyl, cd, downloads and streaming.
For this one i prefer the 96kHz / 24bit Qobuz edition:

Just my opinion but all the 2009 stereo and subsequent stereo Beatles are way too compressed. The Mono box CDs and LPs are a joy!

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The Beatles in Mono boxset is awesome, got the 2009 Japan edition

Abbey Road i prefer to listen the 2014 remastered Japan stereo edition

Almost never spinning my vinyl in recent years…

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Agree with you about never spinning vinyl. As the DS has matured, I see less and less need to spin records. Usually it’s to show off to those who haven’t heard vinyl in years.

I have a Beatles Mono LP set that has only very, very rarely been played. When in the mood for The Beatles, the Mono CD box is my go to (all ripped to my server).

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Dito over here :grinning:

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