Which DSD file works best with the DSD-Sinior?!

Hello Guys!
I am kinda new to this forum and specially to Digital streaming.

Been looking at this site “nativedsd”. I want to know which DSD format should I download for best sound quality. Like for example in this link below:

So, if I select the Quality, 256 and select the “stereo 2CH”. Will the DirectStream be able to read it?

I just want to download the max sound quality file. I have the DMP+DSD-S combo connected to McIntosh C70+MC462.

Thanks in advance.

Technically it depends on how you are going to play it. If you are going thru USB, DSD128 is the highest sample rate supported by current DS firmware. If you are using the PS Audio Bridge input I’d stick to DSD64 (tho DSD128 will work for many.) If you are using S/PDIF or AES3 DSD64 is the max. On some systems you can do DSD64 over TOSLink (but not all sources or TOSLink cables will support it.)

Oops I just saw that you have the DMP - tho I don’t have experience with the current DMP software, with the software I have I can only do DSD64 well. Certainly if you try DSD128 and it works fine for you, then that’s fine.

At some point you’ll likely be able to send DSD256 to the DS via I2S if your I2S source supports it.

Some sites give you all of the lower resolutions free if you get a higher resolution version. If so, depending on your disk storage available, your willingness to deal with multiple resolutions of the same material and your budget you can make a choice that suits you.


Thanks Ted.

I am kind of new to this. What kind of I2S Source should I be looking into so I can play the DSD256?

Also, sticking the USB flash into DMP and DSD should give me the same sound quality? Or one is superior to the other?

I can’t answer about the DMP. I’m on a little older software and don’t have experience with newer versions.
Hopefully in the next release DSD256 will work over I2S. I2S sources that can do native DSD (instead of only DoP) at 256 have a better chance of working. The Matrix X-S/PDIF 2 is one such device, it converts USB to I2S, S/PDIF, AES3 and TOSLink.

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So, I just downloaded from here:

The first track, “You Wont Be Left Alone”, and selected: Quality:128; Stereo Two Channel.

It plays it. But the screen says: PCM 176.4K/24b DSF!

Why is it PCM?

It appears that the Oppo BDT-101 within the DMP is handling the conversion and is converting the file to PCM before passing it to the DMP’s output board. The Oppo’s on-screen display when playing a DSD128 file reads, “DSD to PCM” while when playing DSD64 it simply reads “DSD.” Unfortunately, the Oppo won’t display any information about the file beyond artist and title metadata and the fact that it is DSF format.

The DMP is reading from the USP Flash-Drive… As far as I know, the OPPO section is only the mechanical part of the Disk playing… :thinking:

It reads from the USB port, too.