Ear buds for the gym

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I have an Ipod Shuffle that I use every morning with a pair of Sennheiser sport ear buds. I don’t know how I’d survive the gym without it. Anyway, the ear buds have quite a few years on them and could stand to be replaced. I’ve started looking for replacements and thought I’d reach out to the forum. Has anyone purchased a pair recently that sound decent and stays in place while you’re working out? Ideally, they’d be $100 or less because of the environment they’ll be used in and the meager electronics driving them.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @davidnapo
I got Bose SoundSport wireless as a gift.They don’t come off and sound decent. I don’t know the price.

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Thanks. I suppose I should have mentioned, a shuffle doesn’t support bluetooth wireless. Strictly corded.

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First choice? Shure in-ears. They DO NOT MOVE once in place. And they wrap around the back and are very unobtrusive. The 215 runs about $100 but can be found for less.

I love them for exercise. Lots of options for the tips too because they’ve been around so long. Shure alone offers foam, silicone and a coated foam. Comply makes aftermarket ones too. Can’t say enough good. I like the Aonic 3 best but that’s outside your price range. ($200)

I also got a pair of Flare earphones that have a little more openness as a feel. Hard to explain but they don’t feel as intrusive as a blocking bud. They just have a sense of airiness.

Good luck!!



Check out HI FI Man. That’s where ended up a couple years ago. Still satisfied today.

I have an array of IEMs and recommend you look up Fiio IEMs on Amazon.
My favorite IEMs are Shure SE846 and KSE1200s. These are WAY MORE than $100. I bought a $100 pair of Fiios and was quite surprised but how good they sound.

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Luckily I don’t need no stinking earbuds for the gym. Installed one of these in my listening room.

Gym who?

Nice, I just put (today’s my 3rd day using it) a Spirit XE 395 in the room where my smaller rig is and was looking for a weight training unit. How do you like the FT1?

I purchased the FT-1 about 3 years ago and I absolutely love it. I’m glad I opted for a functional trainer vs a more traditional workout machine with separate stations. The exercises you can do on the FT-1 are almost limitless, and it has a relatively small footprint that fit perfectly into my room. I purchased the optional bench and extra weights, which were needed for doing leg exercises.


I’m a huge fan of Shure’s also, I have the SE215s and SE425s and they’re exceptional I think.


Even owning custom IEMs, I still find myself going back to the Shures time and again. They’re just REALLY good.


Ditto. Mine are BT but quite happy with the brand.

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Thanks for all the responses. I got a pair of Shure 215s. I don’t know what I expected. I never really minded what the Sennheiser ear buds I was listening to sounded like. The sound was pleasant enough to get me through a workout. I wrote off the lack as the fault of the Ipod. Wrong! Holy cow. These are much, much better. I can’t speak to whether or not they’ll stay put during a workout but given the fit, I have every reason to believe they will. I’ll find out tomorrow.


The way they’re designed, the cable runs backwards over the ear, and bends to your shape, so the extended cable runs down your back.

They’re the IEM’s that an awful lot of musicians wear as monitors on stage, so the cable naturally goes behind.

Takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it becomes quite normal.

Great headphones.

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Last update. I can now say for sure, after two days in the gym, they don’t move! I have to think about how they go in every morning. The red and blue dots for right and left are so small I can’t see them without my reading glasses so I need to think about it since they go in so differently that traditional ear buds. I’m very pleased with them.


How is the attenuation?

If you’re asking how good they are keeping outside noise out, pretty good. I’ll be curious to try these next time I fly. Traditional ear buds don’t do a good job keeping the noise of a plane out. Buy the time I can hear the music, I’m afraid I’d be damaging my hearing. I’ll be very curious to see how these are for such applications.


Flying is a perfect test, especially a small plane.

I’m fairly certain I used my SE215’s when I flew to Australia a while back.

IIRC they’re very good for passive headphones. Obviously ANC is miles better.

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