Wireless Headphones

I go for long walks with my young dog. It does wonders for my mind to just enjoy nature and hang with my best furry friend. I just turned 70 and it’s allowed me to keep my heartrate in the low 60’s and lowered my blood sugar to more than acceptable levels. I tried my wired headphones, Westone R4’s, but the wires were a pain when you’re bending over and scooping. I went on a mission to find a set of wireless ear buds that would let me walk and stream music. After spending eons investigating the devices I settled on Sennheiser Momentum II’s. I also considered the Apple Pro’s but I decided that the look of Icicles handing from my ears was a no go. I just walked 3.5 miles and streamed from Tidal. It was a great walk and thoroughly enjoyable with good music. What has everyone else tried and settled on?


I looked at wireless in ear buds for a long time before deciding on over ears purely down to battery life, but the Sennheisers were the ones I kept coming back to along with the Sony WF-1000XM3’s

Due to being black friday at the time, I eventually settled on some over ear Sony WH-1000XM3’s and have not looked back, they’re quite fantastic for the price I managed to get them at (almost half price!).

I was very reticent about wireless headphones, but these have totally changed my perspective on them, extremely capable. The only drawback I can find with these is the call quality when on a call, but I don’t really use them for that anyway so not too bothered.

I came from always having IEM’s for on the go, originally had some cheap £25 pair of sennheisers which were quite frankly too good to be true, they were amazing and used them for about 10 years before I lost them. Then I upgraded to some Shure SE215’s and eventually splashed out on some SE425’s. I love those too!

But I don’t regret the move to wireless at all for mobile use.

I’m so pleased your dog and music have had such a beneficial impact on your health! That’s what it’s all about!

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