Eat Tubes for BHK Preamp

Hi, I am relatively new to the PS Audio Family. I started my journey with PS Audio with the Directstream MKii , I recently added the BHK Preamp.

That feeds a Krell 300xd duo and the speakers are Alta Audio Alec’s. I feed the directstream with a Lumin U2 mini with an upgraded power supply.

My question is on tubes for the Pre, I have tried the stock, gold lion and NOS Mullards. Most days the Mullards are my favorite but I wish they had a bit more openness, more of the transparency on the highs like the gold lions have. I’ve read many swear by the Telefunks. Any experience on how they compare sonically to the gold lions and Mullards?

After trying 70’s Mullards and 60’s Telefunken’s (and there are many varieties of these) my choice is the Current Gold Lions in the BHK. Faster, more extended and more detailed. If your system craves a balance toward warmth and to want to fall in love with an intoxicating ( but in-accurate) midrange, it will sing you softly asleep. Fortunately, you can find these tubes and since they usually can take a-lot of hours, used ones in the $200+ range are are option.

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I didn’t want to believe the hype but my ears and mind have been turned around. . . try the Wathen Audiophile Cryotone tube type. Full, rich sound, really has reluctantly wowed me in my components. Changed my mind completely about new production tubes due to careful cryogenic treatment.

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1960’s black plate Raytheon 12au7 tubes sound like they might be what you’re looking for and they don’t cost nearly as much as the usual suspects. They are always available from sellers like and Ebay. They supplied many thousands for rebranding as organ tubes (Baldwin in particular) which I have read were generally screened for good performance. I have many pairs of different Raytheon tubes from the 50s and 60s and find them all to have very good to excellent performance with a nice balance between detail and warmth.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to give the different options a look!

Anyone able to provide a comparison between the Millard and Telefunks?

I have very good experience with the

new Vacuum Tubes Archives - Telefunken Elektroakustik

Accordind to their documents, it’s hand picked cryo treaded top grades made by JJs

I like Telefunken “Mazda” brand NOS. They are clean, detailed, and last forever. But they do not provide warm sound for sure.