Electric Light Orchestra - MFSL One Step

Earlier this week I received an email that MFSL was releasing a One-Step version of ELO’s album Eldorado. I have fond memories of listening to their music on 8-track in my youth. Nonetheless, I found it curious that ELO’s music would be chosen for a One-Step project. To my ears, their music was always distinguished by the sense that I was hearing them through a fog or from behind a veil. Normally, in the audiophile community, these are not flattering terms. I’m assuming they employed specific recording techniques to achieve this characteristic sound. I’m on the fence about whether I need a high-fidelity copy of what (to me) is an intentionally veiled recording. I’d be interested in thoughts from the esteemed forum members.


No useful input on the ELO question but my first car, a 72’ Cutlass had an 8-track player mounted under the dash when I bought it. I promptly ripped it out and went with the standard of the day Pioneer auto-reverse cassette deck and Jensen Triaxle’s on the rear deck…good times!



Yep - I can relate! I had a 72’ Barracuda similarly outfitted with triaxials (along with the requisite shag carpeting on the rear deck, floors and transmission tunnel). Bootleg 8-tracks at the gas station and flea market were right in my budgetary sweet spot. 8-track head alignment was accomplished via a wedged matchbook. :grin:

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I don’t believe MFSL takes the sonic qualities of the recording into account. It’s what they can license they think will sell. They are doing the Van Halen albums - does that sound like a choice motivated by Sonics? In my book MFSL/Music Direct is a damaged brand and the stories of the owner that have emerged from former employees are horrible, including claims the owner keeps the low numbers for sale on the secondary market. It’s a shame Andrew Jones teamed up with them. I got suckered into the MFSL one step scam after buying Bill Evans Sunday at Village Vanguard, which turns out is the only actual analog release, and then bought a bunch of the other titles which are digital. I suppose the LP’s are okay for people without a good Dac, but with a good Dac, it’s much better to keep digital. Never buying an MFSL product again - I’m liking acoustic sounds model, and will order their UHQR’s.


I know what you mean about the ELO sound. To me it’s more of a in studio EQ decision on their part. That being said, there are gains to be had in some of my better ELO LPs. Eldorado is not one of them. It always sounded compressed to me. My copy of A New World Record sounds better with some nice bass, another ELO issue with sound. I have considered getting the new MoFi Eldorado in SACD just to hear if there are gains to be had over my LP version.


Is there anyone of high school or college age in the late 70’s/early 80’s fortunate enough to have wheels that did NOT run with Jensen Triaxial speakers?



Kind of like the Journey records back in the day…?


Nostalgia, not SQ, is pretty clearly the motivation. MFSL/MD know the demographic with the money willing to spend on reliving their youth. And prepared to overlook MFSLs false advertising shenanigans. To each his own. Won’t be spending my discretionary cash on that album or any other Mobile Fidelity vinyl music product. That well is poisoned.

I wish MFSL the same same success as MQA.

I also seem to remember having those Jensen triax and their coax in the doors.

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I love/have everything up to and including out of the blue on vinyl including the one step. It’s all about the tunes. It puts a big smile on my face, I forget all about the system and immerse myself in in the wonderful music and memories.

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Thats what music is all about my friend. Nothing else matters!

FWIW: I have the MoFi Ultra One Step 45 rpm LPs of Eldorado and love this recording. Best I’ve heard digital or vinyl so far.

Interesting. I listen to a great deal of music from that era and, if any one thing comes across, it is the stark evolution in the philosophy in the recording studio over time since then. I would jump at the chance for premium re-release of some of my favorite albums, knowing they’re flawed. I can be reasonably sure I’ll be hearing everything the source tapes being used for the re-release have on them. Good or bad.

That commentary is separate from MoFi’s deception and brand image. Different topic IMO. There is a community thread devoted to that malfeasance.