Surely someone here has Electrocompaniet gear, a hardly known Norwegian manufacturer. I don’t know how established the name is over the seas, but anyway, it seems like Electrocompaniet makes very high quality products.

I have a PD-1 balanced DAC, I don’t know to compare to other DACs but I’d say my digital playback is clean, plain and simple, no-nonsense, if you look inside, first of all there’s a large toroidal transformer. I also have the ECI-1 class A dual-mono amp, and about toroids… This one has two 650VA ones, a peak current of 80A (!) and a maximum output of 500W.
It sounds just great and smooth and effortless, can’t say more because I need some new speakers for it to feed, maybe some power-hungrier ones because the amp is obviously screaming to output some POWER… Going to change the fuse too.

Anyway, this is a thread for discussing Electrocompaniet, I hope some of you know the name.


Happy EC owner here (AW400 monoblocks and ECP-1 phono preamp)
Previously had EC4.8 preamp and ECI5 MK2.

Truly astonishing gear, some compare it to Parasound (by engineering desing and sound characteristics) - if someone would like to get idea how does it sound :slight_smile:

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Dang, I have heard their name mentioned in years. I know Stereophile years back praised the heck out of their products, truly glowing reports.

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I recognize the name for sure. Anyone who has played with high end audio for some period of time has heard of the brand. But … it can be pretty futile chatting about a product line as an American audiophile when EC is pretty much unobtanium here in the states. Distribution in North America is essentially non-existent. It is supposedly excellent sounding gear. How would anyone on this side of the pond know when there is no retailer I’m aware of carrying it for audition?

That’s kinda what I thought…
Well, I guess this thread is mostly for people living in Europe then, unfortunately. I guess some few units must have found their way over the pond…

The last I heard them reviewed in Stereophile, they had a policy that at least five dealers were carrying their product. Today??? Hmmm, I wonder if anyone is handling their product. The closest distributor I see is in Hamilton, Canada. It seems a shame that they never caught on in the US.

Is the ECP-1 the one that was shaped like a cylinder on it’s side??

Must add the url for their site https://electrocompaniet.com/
I live close to their office and production facility. EC are just recovering after some financial difficulties and are working on several updated products.


The brand is available in US. I demo’d Klipsch La Scala speakers on Electrocompaniet electronics within the last 8 months at a dealer. Didn’t care for the sound but I attribute that to the Klipsch, not the electrocompaniet. Didn’t have a chance to hear the electronics with any other speakers.

I had the AW180M mono blocks a long time ago. Trading them to tube power amps was probably the biggest ever audio mistake of my life.

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no, it’s boxy : https://www.dagogo.com/electrocompaniet-ecp-1-phono-preamplifier-review/

Another happy owner and enthusiast of the brand!

Today I have the AW250R power set with pre EC 4.8, I already had the DAC ECD-2 that was replaced by the DS Senior.

Here in Brazil Electrocompaniet had an active representation for several years and the brand was well known.

The sonority pulled to the analog side, with excellent musicality are the points that most atractive the EC signature.

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I’ve not seen any Electrocompaniet in person but, for some reason, I love their industrial design.

When you have infinity, it is always good to have something Electrocompaniet standing in reserve - I have had it since 1978 and have sold it a few years ago.

“Photo is from 1982 … sorry for the small space, but square meters are expensive in Greenland. Note that the bass is set up “wrong” due to room size … I also had a set of beta that had just arrived and which we cut the crossover into pieces and rebuilt it because it was not so well made. AN loved it and he naturally sent us parts for free … It was times”

“Electrocompaniet on the bottom shelf and for Beta we used 2 pieces of Audio Research D 250”


Electrocompaniet is very highly regarded in the UK and probably better known than PS Audio. Certainly gets talked about more.

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Great products if one likes warmish sound with lots of power to grip control over difficult driven speakers. Nemo 600watt monos were made to accompany B&W 801 speakers at the time they were designed.

I had them both at some point many years ago. Also importer close by used to drive Dali Megaline speakers with 4 Nemos and full EC loom. Sounded pretty decent…

Funny thing is that their amp line up looks pretty much the same now as 20 years ago :grin: no changes

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@somppsa I also find this astonishing, that their top (Classic) amplifier line contains products designed 20years ago and those are still SoTA to my understanding (and limited experience).

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My main system a few years back.