Aspen FR20 audition

Hello.I stopped by PS Audio yesterday to audition the FR 20’s and took a tour of their facility. I’ve been auditioning for replacement speakers from the likes of B&W, Focal, Sonus Faber, Klipsch Heritage, Martin Logan and the Magical A3 in the 10k to 20k range. Well, listening to the FR 20’s in their listening room was amazing! They shot up to top of my list and with their trade in program I’m sure I’ll be ordering a pair in Aspen white soon! If you are thinking of buying a pair of the FR20’s I highly recommend making a trip to Boulder, CO so you can listen to them in the right environment, a trade show is not that. My tour was facilitated by a very knowledgeable Caleb Coulombe and Chris Brunhaver the chief designer of the Aspens talked to me for about 40 mins. That was a nice touch. Also I saw the prototype of the FR10. Imagine the FR20 but shrunk down, aluminum stand and all. There are 3 passive radiators on the back of the speakers instead of being on the sides. I didn’t get to hear them but I have a feeling they’re going to sell a lot of those.


Welcome @Ponch0069 !


Thanks for this kind note and glad you had a chance to audition the FR20s. They are truly a delight!

We are open now for tours, so if you have time, do stop by!