Enmanuel Alexander Off The Cuff - Live At Meadowlark DSD256 download is DSD278?

I couldn’t figure out why my DSD256 of this album wouldn’t show up in ROON. Then I checked the file properties of the tracks and they are DSD278! That’s one I never heard of before. Alerted Paul and they are looking into it. Waiting for the new download to become available in DSD256. Anyone else had this happen?

PS I just love Octave Records!

I have serious problems with the other new release, Say Somethin’ Remastered

Reported to PSA hours ago, no response

I have no issues at all with Say Somethin’ Remastered. Played the DSD256 download and sounds wonderful!

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Perhaps involves 128 only

Paul confirmed short track 1 and is fixing

Smothered sound issue remains

My DSD256 download of Say Somethin’ Remastered sounds fantastic and is really “somethin’”!

Sure Paul will get to the bottom and fix the issue with the DSD256 NOT that I downloaded. He’s always been great about everything!

Thanks, Steve. I checked the files and they seemed ok….I remastered them and we will hopefully have new ones loaded today. I’ll keep everyone informed. It’s an amazing album. I crank it up on high and the dynamics (especially of that drummer) are nothing short of extraordinary. Especially on the FR30.

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hopefully, cranking up to high is not a requirement; 78-80 db average is my loud play

Two of my top references are: original Say Somethin’ and Temporary Circumstances, which notably are the two that Octave also produce as 45RPM vinyl; any system change gets tested first with these 2 DSDs

For whatever reason as the photo I sent you indicates its a DSD278 NOT DSD256 file.Won’t recognize or play in ROON. I also have JRiver (I use only for file conversion - but I can play stuff on my laptop to check it) and JRiver recognizes the file and plays them. Go figure. Anyway, to listen to the album for now, I was able to use JRiver to convert to regular ol DSD and I’m playing it - LOUD - right now! Kind of reminds me of the “Jazz is Dead” series! Great album!

Paul/PSA fixed the problems I reported above re Say Somethin’ Remastered

Paul/PSA filed the problem with Off the Cuff as well - now when I check file properties it says DSD256 - and it sounds so terrific!

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Whew! Thanks for letting me know.

Are there problems with the discs also?
(Mine have yet to arrive)

(@Paul ) I have the same question/am in the same situation.


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Nope. The discs are fine and can’t wait for you to crank this one up. The dynamics on this are stunning!

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I think I’ll make the maiden spin of “Off The Cuff” my first music of the day selection.

I had this issue and still do with roon… had been trying to work it out in roon with different file extractors etc.
Finally decided to come on over to the PSA forum for some real help! Anyway… at least relieved to find that I really wasn’t alone…
Can someone confirm if a re-download fro Octave is the real answer? Sorry I came to this discussion so late.

If you re-download DSD256 Like I did, you should have no problem anymore

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