ENO/MUON Ethernet Filters for Streaming Audio

Except with the MUON Pro System of course. I am using the included MUON cable.



You might want to send an email to Network Acoustics. Rich or Rob typically respond quickly to questions.

Did that. They responded on Sunday, this past labor day weekend. They are wonderful to deal with. I am a fan.

With my network issues solved the MUON Pro shines bright!



My SW6 arrived. I put it infront of my SW8, so my current streaming network chain:

Roon Server on an Synology NAS—>(multimode finisar)—>10GB Unifi Aggregation switch—>(single mode finisar 10gb)—> Microtek 10gb switch with ifi elite power supply + a decent power cord—>(single mode finisar 1gb)—>SW6 sfp port---->(isolated ethernet port)---->SW8---->streamer. Ether cables if used are AQ cinamon.

Right off the bat, I’m hear positive differences, but given the ocxc in the unit, I’ll let the sw6 settle for another 48hrs.

I have a feeling the SW6 is a winner. Also it weighs more than a couple bricks, very solidy build.


Pleased with mine. Give it a good week to settle in. Mine, SW8, was gently used and thus broken in for the most part. Its addition has taken my mind off adding the Phoenix Net.


So, the 2nd switch improves the sound more. That’s good to know. I will probably add a SW-6 in front of SW-10 later. But first I need to compare Omega ethernet against fiber optic.

I sent out DS Mk2 to JR yesterday to do the transformer upgrade. Luckily I have a B&W Formation backup. Still, I missed my main system already. Hopefully I’ll get it back soon.


I wouldn’t say improve, it’s more a tilt towards one way or the other. The only minor improvement I can say for sure is more resolution in lower mids, and upper bass.


In my system it could help more because I can use fiber optic direct link from both to isolate noise. Both switches have BNC connection for clock sync too. In addition, it has an isolated ethernet input that SW-10 does not.

The more I think about it, the more sense it makes (and curiosity too).

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The isolated port is definitly doing something. I’m hearing the “space” more, this is even true when I’m just sitting in my office desk that’s opposite side of the house. If I didn’t know, I’d thought I had a lot bigger living room lol.

If someone told me a year ago stacking good quality network switches would do this, I’d roll my eyes. who KNEW?!


Are you still in love with SW-6? Did it need some break in time?


It’s still in front of my SW8, The breakin is only about 48hrs if that. haven’t triedto take the SW8 out of the chain and just use SW6 yet. That’s on my to try list for the next couple weeks, but I just ordered some supposely awsome ox chips to go with my streamer, so the SW6 swap will happen after I’ve experimented with the new clocks. I’ll keep you posted.


Ox chips for snack? Sounds tasty. :grin:

Interesting to know how SW-6 will sound by itself. Let me know if you like it better w/o SW-8.

Rolling tubes of the digital world I suppose


Very interesting! It’s too complicated for me if I have to replace a part inside :roll_eyes:

Just took the SW6 out of the chain this morning, the difference is immediate.

It’s not only the music itself becomes looser, the biggest difference is the sense of space. With the SW6 infront of SW8, the space is a coherent whole. without it, the stage becomes loose and jaggy and full of spots that’s sounds like a hole in the space that’s less natural, only way I can put it. This doesn’t take careful listen, it’s very obvious and I can hear it right away.

If you still have the SW8, you might want to put that in front of your SW10 and see what you hear.

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“the space is a coherent whole”

I understand exactly what you are saying as
I experienced the same thing when I finally got my Ethernet chain optimized. I think what you described is one of the ways to tell that you’ve ‘got it right’!

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Thanks! I do not have SW-8 anymore, But I am contemplating to get a SW-6 in future. That way I can use both fiber optic link and sync clocks with both switches.

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