Ergonomic listening chair

Hi, I like to work in my listening chair. But recently I’ve been having done back trouble. Do you have any recommendations for good ergonomic listening chairs? Reclining ability desirable. Function over form, smaller is better. Price point ~USD1000-2500.

Thank you.

I also work from my listening chair. I have a stressless and I love it. Mine is small enough that when I’m sitting upright the back of the chair barely is above my shoulders. When I recline it still supports my head comfortably. The back can also go almost flat so when you lay back it’s almost a bed.

My uncle has had 2 since the early 90’s and they are still in good condition.

I have the Sunrise model. My brother just bought one too ( different model)

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This helps a lot.
USD 40

Another vote for the Ekornes Stressless chairs. I sit in a Large-size “classic” chair and my wife, who is 5’ 4" with short legs sits in a Small and loves the fit and the back support

The models have changed a bit over the years, but this current Sunrise model is as close to what we’ve owned for the past 30 years as I see in the online catalog.


Another vote here for the Stressless.

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I would add a nay vote for the Stressless. I had one for a while and I found it uncomfortable and caused back pain. I’m not dissing them, please read on …

I have an odd lower back because I need plenty of lumbar support. The only seat I’ve found comfortable is the one in my truck! It has adjustable lumbar and I keep it at the max. In the listening room I’m currently using the Ikea Poang chair. It’s reasonably comfortable, but you sit low and the back is tilted such that doing work would be difficult. Also a little difficult to get out of. Another issue I have is my butt always starts sliding forward which is not good for the back. That may be part of the problem with the Stressless, the leather is slippery on mine. The Poang is fabric so there is some friction but I still slide …

Bottom line here is you need to sit in the chair for a while to determine if it is comfortable for you.

Stressless comes in fabric too.

With or without arms, depending upon your needs.

Adjustable in pretty much every way. Not a lounge chair, but that didn’t sound like what you were asking for.

That looks pretty good. Actually I’m kinda tending towards a lounging listening chair that I can also use to work.

Let me know if you find that. And what you work on, where you could lounge whilst doing so. Writing?

Write code?

Well I’m a computer scientist and work on a laptop using a laptop stand. This: LEVO G2 Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand – Levō

Also have a standing desk that I rotate lounging and standing.


Stressless makes a range of home-office chairs:

For listening… headrest yea or nay?

I’ve always been a nay. I want to hear the speakers in the room not the reflections off of a headrest. However, I see a lot of people use chairs with headrests. Is there a “proper” chair? Personally, I own a couch style lounger that has a pop-up headrests. I leave it down for music and up for movies.

But, I’m in the market for something different so will continue to follow the thread.

I’d rather not have the “wings” beside my ears, but my chair has been comfortable for more than 20 years and is doing fine so I’m not going to change a thing. At this point my higher frequency hearing isn’t what I’d like it to be so a little reinforcement isn’t a bad thing.


I personally like a headrest. However some years ago there was a comment Paul made that wide headrests can stop the room reflections from reaching your ears, so that may not be desirable for all. For me, comfort is more important than the possible minuscule degradation in sonic quality (which I haven’t detected really). So you see where my priorities lie.