Fave listening chair?

Paul recently mentioned a new classy bum perch he was considering for his listening pleasure.

My system chair is a retro relic, kinda Jetsons, a color that would gag a maggot!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What are you sitting on to listen?




Ooh, what is that Chair? Nice! Especially as I want it to be short in the back/below the ears. Don’t look at a chair as an observer, as often as I sit in it and face forward, so don’t care so much what color it is ; )

Dig those too, brett. Lay back and listen… : )

My current one is very similar.

Not sure. Got it on consignment at a retro furniture store in PDX. Appreciate that the swivel bearings and race are really smooth, and I do like my head/ears clear of the chair back too.

Brett66… classy! I like the footrest (might need to find a matching ottoman.) george-jetson-reads-newspaper

Current Chairs


The Traditional is for a Reason.

I was just in MR2 this week, and the “new” chair was not in there and there was an old-school chair - even less comfy than those, that floated my boat. Just sayin’ ; )


The back articulates to support the head as one reclines. They make them in all colors and a few styles, different bases and with and without the built-in leg rest, separate ottoman.

I had it for 20 years and it’s as good as new. Very nice leather and construction.

That one would be awesome for when the kids visit : )

Take the speakers off the stands…

Since the Mende futon is so low, with practically no ‘legs’ whatsoever, I have my speakers set up on IsoAcoustics Iso-200’s just as low. That way the drivers are exactly aligned with my ears.

Having said that, in practice none of this matters as it is so pleasing that I often fall asleep in this futon while listening to music, and the Missus has to come down with the blanket. Ahhh confy.

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IKEA POÄNG with additional movable cushion pillows to adjust comfort. Instead of putting the money on Stressless, I put it in extra audio gear.

Great chair, kinda laid-back angle-wise, and low to the ground with respect to most speakers - and feel free to chop the headrest off ; )

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Also since I am not right in the head :grin: , when purchasing the new chair I took into consideration its shape and ondulations as in how that would effect the sound. As well as the cloth type (chenille) to help with the room’s absorption levels.

My neck does stick out over the back. Also have a 2x4 lifting the back up, kinda like Paul had those in the MR1…I hacked it a little.

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This is the one I used when CD’s were first released.


Y’know…it is that kind of thing. Sortof like…everything else in this hobby. Who gives a … what anyone else thinks?


Awesome : )

I need to have my head in a vise, otherwise, I’m not really enjoying myself. The Perfect Audiophile Chair.

dlee - shoutout - funnest thread ever : )