We audiophiles treat the room for acoustics...do you also treat your listening chair?

does your (high back type) listening chair also need acoustic treatment to stop unwanted reflections?

i use a heavy weight towel to rest my head on to stop reflections by draping the towel over the head rest area…

if your seating also extends up to support your head, what do you audiophiles use?

Good question. IMO a good listening doesn’t have a high back or forces you to recline excessively . My chair supports the neck (top of chair back extends below the ear) and can recline.

true…just that solely sitting upright can cause a different type of listening fatigue…

it’s nice to have a fallback position…

I have never become tired sitting, upright or otherwise.

I agree with Elk. I do not recline or use a high back chair, and do not suffer fatigue. I have grown to love my leather swivel chair, non swivels feel restricting.

I sawed off the “headrest” from my pricy leather listening chair, as it had obvious sonic effects in the baritone range. It now stops at the shoulder level.
Previously, I was using a Lafuma poolside type of lounge chair, which was made of open mesh material, but I became tired of having my legs propped up.

My audio neurosis stops before I deal with my chair. If I were to worry about such things, I would worry more about the resonances in my half full beer can… so just in case, I make sure to never have one half full.

Bruce in Philly


that resonates with me also…

My listening couch is smooth leather and sits just below my shoulders on the back support. I can certainly understand the concern with high back chairs made of reflective material and its impact on sound reflections. I am fine without a head rest and if you think about your college days, we sat in the most uncomfortable seats for hours on end but didn’t give much thought to it. I don’t need an ultra cushy, reclining, tall back seat to sit comfortably enough to enjoy my music.

I prefer a seat that is not too comfortable as it contributes to pre-mature sleepiness… :sleeping: My pseudo-comfortable chair forces me to stand up from time to time to get the blood flowing and not fall asleep at my music.

My sofa is also smooth leather 6 in above shoulder…Fleece blanket draped over back helps greatly. Seat reflections are one of those things you do notice until you get rid of them.



Where ya been, Bruce in Philly?

Wow, we really are dealing with First World problems here, aren’t we? (My Eames chair is perfect for me)

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THE classic listening chair (with ottoman). I am envious. Comfort, some sound absorption,
and no obstruction behind your head is key. Easy access to a good scotch (Lagavulin) is a

Well, Basil Hayden

Ha. He is most welcome too :tumbler_glass::upside_down_face:.

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Mr Hayden sits before me at this very moment in time, waiting for dinner to cook and my audioNut friends and their incredulous wives to show up.

Always good to drink before guests. Lubricates the discussions and listening.
One of my reasons I am all digital…nothing to scratch or drop.

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Louie, this is the start of a great friendship…

The rye? It’s heavenly!

Casablanca reference or a new drink? I’ll have a Louie!