Ethernet Cable Length that you use

So I got 1 foot of Wireworld Starlight8 to flip, would cutting it in half be a terrible thing, it’s really stiff.

Cutting is not the problem. It is termination in a new connector that is hard and if the cable is stiff it should be harder if it´s shorter.

The ethernet standard specify 100m (330feet) as max length…

Fail, I’m asking if I should make 2 6 inch cables or leave it one foot.

Have no idea what you are doing, and why.

So I (me) got (acquired) one foot (12 inches) of Wireworld Starlight8 ethernet cable to flip (sell). Do you think I should sell it as is (one foot length) or would 6 inches be a useful (usable) length also?

I’m buying…How much?

lol how long you want?

Sorry,just realized it is not terminated…… or it is?

presently NOT. I do have wireworld plugs that are $20 each (ouch) but that came with shrinkwrap and a mini zip tie to control the cable. Or I have mine that was made with $7 plugs and blue painters tape. I did that myself and it was pretty easy to strip because the shield inside is substantial so you would never hit the inner wires with your knife. Also a video from Wireworld on Youtube.

Almost forgot I got some Platinum for sale too. Haven’t built/tried it yet, my Starlight is still burning in and just want to enjoy it.

Dur looks like I jumped the gun, I thought they were out of the Starlight already but it’s still there.

Finally got my supplies together and made a Platinum. It’s good. So I have one of those in eleven inches for sale. also regular Starlight.