Euphony PTS to Euphony Summus

Upgraded from Euphony PTS 4tb SSD to Euphony Summus 4tb SSD. USB into Matrix into DS Sr via Wireworld Platinum Starlite 7 USB and HDMI. Surprised there is more punch and clarity. The DSD Sr seems to always bring out the best! Thanks to PS Audio and these forums for making lockdown more pleasurable. Shout out to Arthur at Power Holdings.

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“OH NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!” Shouts this Euphony PTS 4TB server owner.

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May be just the purchase placebo psychological effect. Summus does run a little cooler in my setup. How do you like the Euphony app software?

I am very, very pleased with it. I have been very happy with the PTS and I hope to avoid the Summus if I can. I wonder if I could take the 4TB SSD out of the PTS and put it in a Summus and power it up.

May very well be possible. Arthur would know. PTS rocks (still using mine without complaints) and is more than adequate unless you want extreme HQPlayer upsampling or use as a Roon core with a huge number of simultaneous zones. I don’t do either and even then the PTS may work since I haven’t tried it.

I don’t do either of those things. My PTS averages 2% across all four cores. I’m good, but I am sure you are as well. :slight_smile:

If I may ask: Did adding the Keces P8 LPS increase your Euphony PTS sound quality? What P8 output voltage/amps are you using for the PTS?

Thinking of trying the dual output P8 for both the PTS and Summus. Thanks.

The P8 came at the same time as the PTS. The P8 has a 12 volt output for the PTS, and a 7 Volt output for the Matrix. But now I am using the 7 volt output for a UltraREGEN and I am powering the Matrix at 9 volts with an LPS 1.2.

I read a review that said you have to have a P8, a PTS, and a Matrix (which I already had) for ultimate pleasure. But now you suggest that perhaps a Summus is required for that. LOL

After I had decided that a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB and HDMI cable were the end of the line perfection someone informed me that there was a much better sounding solution. That is a Revelation Audio Labs HDMI cable. I have one and I have to say it has made the most profound difference in sound of any single item I have added to my system.

It’s so very, very, very, very, very swell.

Glad to hear it. May be worth the trouble and wait of getting that HDMI cable. Makes you wonder how his USB cable would perform.
Does your etheregen run hot?

My EtherRegen runs hot and I think that they all do. I’m going to be investigating some sort of cooling pad for it. I’m restricted by space around my rack. That’ll be my COVID project after my taxes.

That’s what I’ve heard - 48 to 50 something centigrade. I’m limited for cooling space too. Heard it sounds very good though.

I have RAL USB cable as well. I am using it to connect to another DAC at the moment. I am going to switch it up soon. I need to do some changes to where my gear is and it’s going to take some doing. Right now I am having too much fun listening.

I don’t think my EtherREGEN runs hot, no. But I have some nice USB powered fans that are nearly silent coming. When I do all the rearranging fan cooling is part of plan.

@bootzilla had that usb and if I remember correctly he preferred Matrix x spdif2 usb cable over it. Maybe he will share his thoughts about it.I bet AL will soon try his RAL usb vs WW PS7. Still find it interesting that anyone can find such a good hdmi cable over WW PS7 like Al says it makes the biggest jump over anything in his setup. That RAL hdmi must be crazy good or WW a piece of crap :laughing:

RAL’s dual-conduit USB cable is awesome. I sold it and replaced it with a single-conduit Matrix USB cable because my then-new USB-based source (Auralic Aries G2) only had a single usable USB output.

(I later acquired an Auralic Vega G2 DAC, and now I connect the Aries G2 streamer to the Vega G2 DAC via HDMI (or, as Auralic calls it, “Lightning Link”).)

In short, I never compared the RAL USB and Matrix USB cables head-to-head in the same setup. And given the reports of extended delays when ordering directly from RAL, I would suggest that anyone looking for the RAL USB cable seek it out on the secondary market.

Thanks for clarification. So now it is up to AL to do the usb comparing…is there better synergy or overall sound with RAL usb and hdmi combo or WW ?? :nerd_face:

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I’ll get on it.

Okay now I am RAL USB to Matrix and RAL HDMI to DSD Sr. Not as big a change as the HDMI was but I am surprised that I can leave both of my precious Wireworld Platinum cables out and prefer what I am hearing. Damn. Perhaps there is a synergy doing RAL for both.

I believe whatever the wait it is worth the trouble to have one of these cables. I would suggest the HDMI cable first.

When I first received this USB cable from Bootzilla I plugged it into the system and got no sound through it no matter what I tried. Then, just as time was about to run out it worked like a charm with no issues since then. Odd.