Euphony Stylus v4

Anybody (I know there are a couple of regular users on here) updated their PTS or Summus to version 4?

Euphony 4 is not yet ready for the Summus; they have to create a modified version. Euphony will also update v. 3 so that the user can update to v. 4 by a simple download – no need to use a USB stick, etc. All this won’t take place until about the end of August.

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Thank you for the information, I bought Euphony Summus 2 and was told the Stylus OS would be upgraded soon and that was more than two months ago.

I think their expectations on the release date were unrealistic. They finally finished the beta process on Euphony 4 about 10 days ago. That is when I wrote to ask when and how the Summus would be updated, and I received the above information back.

Since you bought the Summus 2, could you tell me which version of the iFi Audio power supply came with it?


It is an IFI iPower Elite power supply, it is a 12V if I remember right.

(Edit: I just checked, it is a 15V 3.5A output PS)

Thanks. I’ll contact Euphony to make sure it will work with the Summus 1.


Can you please post what you find out on the iFi Power Elite size as I have a Summus I

Summus server v1 with the 8th-gen i7 chip can work with voltages from 12v-19v, according to Euphony’s own information, with sufficient amperage. My Summus v1.5 (unofficial upgrade after v1 failed after a power outage) has a 10th-gen i7 chip in it, and will only work with 19v.

I use a Keces P8 to power v1.5 (and previously, version 1) at 19v, and it is a very good power supply. I also have the Endpoint v1 and I use a Ferrum Hypsos power supply at 19v with that one.

I used a 15v iFi iPower Elite with Summus v1 and it worked fine.

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Thanks so much!! How do the Hypsos, iFi Power Elite, and the Keces compare?

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I had a feeling you would ask that question. They’re all good power supplies. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

The iPower Elite is a switching power supply, so it has to correct for the harmonic distortion that kind of supply entails. It is supposedly constructed to offset this drawback. Having said that, it is very clean-sounding/neutral-sounding. It also runs the coolest of all the power supplies, if heat is an issue in your setup. It’s the cheapest priced of the three, as well.

The Hypsos is a hybrid switching/linear transformer-based power supply. It’s supposedly constructed to have the advantages of both types. It features switchable voltage, meaning you can select from a range of voltages at which to power your component. I’ve experimented with running the Summus server at different voltages, and there are resulting differences in the sound. The Hypsos runs warm in proportion to how high you set the voltage output. It is the most expensive of the three power supplies. It is a little warmer-sounding than the iPower Elite, but not as warm-sounding as the Keces.

The Keces P8 is a traditional linear transformer-based power supply. It runs the hottest of the three power supplies, and it is the warmest-sounding. It is the second most expensive power supply of the three. It has selectable voltage at 18v/19v or 12v/15v, depending on which model you get. It is available with one or two power outputs plus a 5v USB-A power output, so you can power two DC-based components with it.

You can further tweak the sound of any of these power supplies by choosing which power cable to use to connect them to the wall.


Again, thanks so much! I have a Euphony PTS i3 4tb ssd, a Summus v1 4tb ssd, and Summus Endpoint v1 all using stock power supplies.
So a lot to consider.

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When I purchased the Summus 2, Euphony recommended to use IFI Elite PS. They think this combo produces better sound.

To further muddy the waters, I use a Sbooster BOTW P&P 12v/13v power supply with my Euphony PTS i3. It costs more than the iPower Elite but less than the Keces. It runs warm and I’m not particularly impressed with the plastic build quality, but it’s not a bad power supply. Some people swear by them. Because the PTS is in my home theater setup rather than my critical listening setup, I’m not as picky about its power supply.

Thanks Marc! Have you updated your PTS to version 4?

Not the PTS, but I’ve updated my Summus server and endpoint to Stylus version 4.

Is Stylus 4 ready? I thought the OS is still on version 3, no?

It’s not “customized for Summus” yet, but Stylus v4 is finished and available. I stopped using the Summus v3 interface a while ago, as I wanted greater control of the functions within the Stylus software, so I didn’t wait for the Summus-specific version of Stylus v4 to be released before upgrading.

Thanks, it is time for me to check with Euphony for an update. Mine includes a new OS upgrade.

I power my PTS and DAC with a Keces P8. I never noticed it’s temperature. It’s a fine piece.