Experiences with Sonus Faber Venere 3.0?

I’m looking at buying a pair of Sonus Faber Venere 3.0. Do any of you have listening experiences with this speaker? Thanks!

@Chops has Sonus Faber Veneres, not sure which type, for sale on this Forum, obviously he can slo tell you how they sound.

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I have the Venere 2.0 as bedroom speakers. They are respectable and versatile. They work very well for casual listening and of course they are only in the bedroom simply because they are a looker with high wife acceptance factor :grin:.


I seem to remember @kevinjackson who works for PSA owned these speakers. Paul laments Sonus Faber but said he did recommend these to a son in law, or similar relative. That’s all from distant memory.

I own the Chameleon T’s and they sound amazing to me. Made in Italy. I compared them in house to various Focal speakers, Monitor Audio and PSB’s and loved my Sonus Fabers.

I think Crutchfield has the Venere 3.0 on heavy discount now.


Thanks for the help. @dancingsea thanks for the Crutchfield tip. I’ve made arrangements With them to go hear a pair next week.

Sonus Faber is not what they used to be. They have entered the low end made in China some time ago. They used to be strictly uber high end. Just do not be fooled by the name. Otherwise they are still fine speakers in many regards and competitive to others. Of course this is the route many high end brands are going. Since they simply cannot make money any longer. Even most Krell is now made in China and it is not what it used to be but it is still very nice. Sonus Faber does still make upper end speakers but even those have suffered. The days of the $$$ for them seem to be over. Do not let that deter you though because you are not paying $$$ for them! For what they cost now they are very nice and available to more people. Quite frankly I like them. That says a lot since I have the Ex3ma. In certain regards they even exceed he Ex3ma. Such as bass response obviously. Even though said bass is not as clean. Of course we are comparing apples to oranges here but it just goes to show what cutting production costs can offer.


Given you have the ability to go to Crutchfield, it might be interesting to compare the Venere 3.0 to things Iike the Revel Performa3 F206/208 and Dynaudio Evoke 30 or Exite X44.

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You are correct I have owned a pair of Sonus Faber Venere 2.5s. For the price I think they are a really good speaker. But they need to be carefully chosen. I bought them a few years back and after moving to a new home I realized they were a very poor fit for the new location. As most know the Sonus Faber sound is a bit rolled off in the top end, or at least this was the case until some more recent models. This rolled off top end can make for a very musical sound. But if you are using them in a room that is pretty dead, which was my case, they were extremely rolled off and I lost a lot of the top end sparkle that presents great detail. So choosing them may not be as simple as just liking the sound, do make sure to take your room into consideration.

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Thanks for the info Kevin!

Did you go listen? How’d it go?

I got an awful head cold and didn’t do the demo. I’ll get back to it sometime after my head clears up and the world sounds better. I’ll report back when I do. Thanks for asking.