Experiencing White noise from my digital output

Just purchased a Sprout100 last month and use it with Tidal and Roon. I got white noise from the digital output. Quite startled to say the least.
Don’t know what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What’s your source? Are you going from a computer to USB?

Thank you very much for your reply.
I’ve got my sprout connected to my Mac mini via USB.
I’m new to hi res audio and everything worked fine until I started delving into parameters in Roon. I think I may have changed some output routing parameters that caused the hellacious white noise that scared the hell out of me. This affected Tidal as well as Apple Music with the same white noise.
Having said that, I managed to restore defaults and Tidal and Apple Music audio are playing along nicely.
It’s just Roon I’m concerned about. That’s the program that I’m the least familiar with. I have restored the defaults on it now. I’m at the crossroads on the next step. The prompt is asking for me to choose an audio zone. Do I choose Sprout or System Output? Needless to say, I’m somewhat spooked and gun shy and don’t want that influx of white noise shooting back at me. I’m sure you can relate. It’s a terribly scary experience for my ears and gear.

While I have your ear, I have a Roon signal path question for you that relates to Sprout, DSD and Octave Records. I noticed that Roon will automatically concert to DSD material to PCM. I’d prefer to listen to the 3 albums that I recently purchased from Octave Records in DSD as it was intended. So I scoured Roon’s website to find out how I can rectify the situation. Can you tell me if I’m on the right path, so to speak and please pardon the pun.
I’ve enclosed screenshots of this as well. I appreciate all your help on this long winded email. All the best.

Yes, for the output you’ll want to select the Sprout. Otherwise, system output will just simply play the audio through your computer’s speakers.
Selecting DOP for DSD playback should do the trick. This is the way you have to send DSD files to the Sprout in order for them to play properly.

Everything is working like it should.
Im currently enjoying the Don Grusin album. Sounds awesome.
Thanks again for all your help and all the best.

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Great to hear Mark! Thanks for keeping me posted.

Thank you. Will do.