Exploration - Creative soundscapes

I’ve been looking for music that exhibits “3D”, “layered”, or “spatial” sound.

To give an example, I find the following track quite interesting its use of marbles to draw a soundscape that envelops me with sound.

Can you suggest a track or tracks that makes creative use of sounds to draw a soundscape around you? It can be from any genre.

I’d say “3D”, “layered”, “spatial”, „holographic“, „enveloping“ sound is a main final goal to be achieved for a big part of the album collection. And with a very good setup it really can be achieved not only for a few Q-Sound-like productions. At the end every instrument or voice of a good recording should be within a holographic, airy bubble of own ambiance.

But I know what you mean…try the following track…sounds will also come from the wall directly left and right of your listening position (at least if you sit in a ~7–8 ft rather near field triangle with your speakers).


Try Mickey Hart, “Sky Water”, off of At The Edge

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That was wild, sounds were coming from so far outside the speakers it was amazing. Not the kind of stuff I can listen to for long but cool as a demo of the effect. Thanks

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I find such effects fascinating, as well as enjoy they are definitive proof the soundstage can easily extend beyond the width of the speakers.

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Roger Waters Amused To Death

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If we speak of an adventurous soundscape both regarding soundstage and sound rather than holographic enveloping, also try the first one of my post here:

Again the music will not be many‘s taste, but the experience is awesome.

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Amazing track, also super bass. Anyone wanting to exercise their sub should spin it. Caution my dogs went crazy (almost).

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Yeah, our cat licked all it’s coat from the belly afterwards and since then is half naked freezing in winter :wink:

Yeah, my cat gave me some twisted head looks, but she loves me despite my foibles.

In Search of Hades - Tangerine Dream Boxed Set

The 5.1 Steven Wilson mixes are immersive as He :ice_hockey: :ice_hockey:

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Wow the opening bass effect feels like its pulling the air in the room to the sides.

Very cool. The faint radio in the opening sounds like its 20 feet to my left even though the wall is ten feet away.

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I now got me the mentioned and 2 other Horikawa albums…all phantastic experiences in soundscape, thanks much for the hint!

Please continue and post what you find, I’ll also do and observe my collection !

Especially his album “Spaces” is for the most part gorgeous! I just use the track “Moldy vinyl” to flood my brain. Will get everything I can find of him.

You will probably also like this one

Not seeing that one on Qobuz, any others I should check out, or which one first? Putting up River Silver now


Song by Sarah McLachlan

The first 15 seconds or so…

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The whole album

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