External Blueray Player suggestion to use with DS Dac

External Blueray Player suggestion to use with DS Dac.

My family is looking for an external dvd/blueray player for the family computer.

I am wondering if there is any way to get something that I can plug in to the DS Dac.

Are there some that play sacd’s? Any with Hirez output?

How would I control it without a computer…I imagine that is not possible.

It must be portable



Well. For home use, non-portable, network capable, Pioneer makes a UDP-LX500.
It is a 4k machine. Videowise: plays 4k blu-ray, blu-ray, 3d blu-ray, dvd
Audio-wise: plays SACD, cd, dsd, aiff, flac and a bunch of other formats.
I have included a link from Pioneer’s website. From their website “operating instructions” has several pages that list all audio and video formats.
While I do not have this exact model, I do have an older version of this machine (looks identical). I play high-res audio files from a usb flash drive connected on the back of the machine. It is a little tempermental, where I make sure the power is off and UNPLUGGED before connecting or disconnecting anything, including usb flash drives. And after playing a video file from the usb I need to play 2 cd’s afterwards to get the display back onto music. But otherwise LOVE this machine.
It has coax and optical digital outputs as well as rca line-level outputs, and a high-quality dac for the line-level outputs.

Thanks buddy

I took a look… Thanks…But I need something portable to go and down stairs to the computer room.



In the past I looked for a good quality (good video resolution) portable blu ray disc player and was not able to find one that had 1920x1080 resolution (just 720p or similar).


I am not interested in vid resolution, just audio output.

You need a player with a coax digital or usb output.