Extremely small track numbers on PWT


I have a PWT for my DSD Senior DAC and very much pleased with the sound.

I have one problem though.

My PWT is connected to PS Audio network so Album Artwork and track names are shown when possible.

But track numbers are extremely small and literally impossible to read from the listening point. So you never know which song is played unless you already know the song.

Ok, one way to solve this problem is to disconnect the player from the server so no album information is shown but then we are missing the best feature of this transport.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to have large track numbers even when we are connected to the PS Audio server. Track titles can be small as we already have the CD Case at hand but the without a visible track number we are lost in a new album.

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Unfortunately no. That would require reworking the GUI.

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Dear Paul, thank you for the fast answer.

Wish I had a better answer.