Album Cover problem found on PWT

Please help me to solve this problem.

Since Sept, I updated song detail such as artist name, song name and album art into “my playlist” page and I can see all information(song tile, album name, artist name and album art) I input into the playlist after running “refresh”. then I put the CD disc into PWT and play the CD. I found that only song title, artist name and album name can be displayed on my PWT. Album art is unable to display on PWT. I tried to switch off the main switch at the back and restart again. I noticed that “internet ok” “downloading track info” then “downloading album art”. Finally, “internet ok”, “memory OK” . only album art is unable to display.

album art that I uploaded into playlist page is, 160 pixel x 160 pixel with jpg format. 160 x 160 is too big OR wrong file format that make the problem occur??

pls correcting me if anything wrong.

I also seem to be having some issues of recent origin (i.e., new issues, as opposed to the usual “bugs”). I just checked my Playlist, and noticed that the last three albums that I played in the past few days do not appear on my list at all. Also, when I put them in the PWT, I noticed that I did not get album art or track titles. Just the number of the track, and “Internet ok” and “Memory ok.” I figured it was something with these albums (as I never played them with the PWT before), but maybe the server at PS Audio is having problems or something.

yes Pesgas. you are right. the problem is only new added / updated album got problem.

for my case, I checked my playlist that everything is working fine on the playlist. And also Information I added into playlist can be downloaded into PWT. only album art is unable to downloaded into PWT.

I also checked the SD card that I inserted into PWT. Beside all files of the firmware update 1.22, there is a folder called “DISCDATA”, all album information(a pair of " xxx.txt" and “xxx.bmp”) is stored inside the “DISCDATA” . Then I found that only .txt is stored since Sept.

2 questions come up from my mind.

  1. File size issue==> 160 x 160 pixel is too big or not?
  2. File format==> jpg format is uploaded into my playlist, however, .bmp format found on my SD card. so any problem about conversion process done on PS server? or should I upload the .bmp format instead of .jpg format? I tried to upload .bmp format but failed. playlist not allow me to do so.
  3. then I tried to make a .bmp file into SD card. ==> use my .jpg file to change into 160 x 160 pixel with 16bit depth .bmp fommat then rename the file name same as the .txt then copy into "DISCDATA" folder. Switch off the main switch at the back, insert the SD card back into PWT and switch on the main switch at the back and restart PWT again. BUT also failed.pulling-hair_gif
Besides these points, I have no idea how come the album art is unable to download into my PWT.

I have had a number of issues with my PWT regarding cover art and track lists. Tying into this thread I just played a new album and when nothing showed up on the PWT screen, I thought nothing of it - just another album that’s not in the database. I even played it again a few minutes later, and no art or track list came up then, either.

When I went online to My Playlist this morning, that album does show up and with cover art in my browser (both drawn from whatever database PS subscribes to), so the information is there. I then edited some misspellings and punctuation in the track list. I played the CD again after editing and now the PWT downloaded both the corrected track information and cover art that was found in the database.

However, for CDs that aren’t found in the database, it’s different. After playing an unrecognized CD I fill in the track information and add cover art in My Playlist and all shows up nicely in my browser. Then I play the CD on the PWT and it gets the track info I created fairly quickly (usually within 1 minute) but it never gets the cover art I upload to My Playlist.

I hope this description helps the PSers suss out whatever keeps the PWT from getting art & track info properly.

Looks like a good clue. Thanks David.


thanks for davidkak’s advice.

I also tried to think whethe the punctuation problem. such as [ ’ ]. then I tried to take out [ ’ ] from the song name. but it’s failedcrying_gif

The Album cover problem has returned.

Found out this weekend,lyrics okay,buth the pwt screen doesn’t show the cover.

Does anybody has also this problem?pulling-hair_gifpulling-hair_gif