Famous Audio 'Heroes' Paul Has Met

A thought which came to my mind from the Mark Levinson thread.
I wonder wether Paul might like to gives some reminisces about the audio ‘greats’ whom he has met over a life time in the audio industry.
People such as Mark Levinson, James Bongiorno, Peter Walker, John Curl, Roger Sanders, Roger West, Arthur or David Janszen, Bob Stuart, Saul Marantz to name a few that come quickly to mind.
It would be good to hear the circumstances of the meeting, what he thought and maybe a little story or anecdote.
I am sure that many of us would be really interested.
Alternatively maybe Paul could do this in ‘Paul’s Post’.
Something to think about.

I do in my book, 99% True. https://www.amazon.com/99-True-Almost-National-Bestseller/dp/1733583319/

A friend of mine accidentally tripped Paul Klipsch once. Fortunately he didn’t fall.

The fact that someone can design audio equipment does not make them Mr Personality. They could quite easily be a crashing bore.

I was reminded last week of an occasion with our kids in Los Angeles and they had this weird idea we had to take them to meet or see some famous people. We were sitting having breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel and my wife and I were deep in conversation wondering what we were going to do about this, who we could call. We look up and Larry King is standing behind my younger son leaning on his chair. We burst out laughing, Mr King gives us a funny look, we politely wish him good morning, as you do, and the kids don’t know who on earth he is. The best explanation we could come up with was an older male version of Oprah.

Hi Paul
I enjoyed you book and I enjoyed your stories about famous audio people.
I guess I am looking for some more!
Yes, even if they happen to be some of the most boring people in the world!!!