FBBR optical USB cable review

Here is a new “toy” for our computer based audio friends to stress over…



I have ordered the usb cable from corning, looking forward to test galvanic separation :slight_smile:


Let us know what you think about them. Inquiring minds want to know… :wink:

I saw that Ted Smith uses it, so I expect it tobe ok :slight_smile:

Corning USB optical cable

Haven’t owned one, but clicking on the link, then going to Google for review information… This cable does not fair well. Seems most of the negative review relate to reliability - not sound quality.

Not that Amazon is the “end all, be all” but when you have a greater number of 1 star reviews, compared to 5 star reviews, I tend to pay attention and more often than not, steer clear.

That said, Ted did, and maybe still does, use this USB cable and assume it was reliable for him.

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I got mine and it has been stable with good sound.
Very nice that there’s no need for a external power supply. I have used it between my Roon server and DSJR. I’m using it to move from ethernet to USB towards my dac so I have not compared different USB cables from roon.

When doing REW RTA measurements from my laptop a weak 50Hz buzzing I have had problems with were gone, as expected.

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