Feedback on Isotek EVO3 Ascension

Isoteks flagship power cable EVO3 Ascension have got impressive specs, overshadowing even Audioquest Storms flagship models.

EVO3 Ascension highlights

  • 3 x 4 mm2 solid copper / silver plated (3 x 11 AWG)
  • Cryogenically treated copper
  • Fast as a Nordost-cable
  • 1.0548 dielectric constance
  • Air isolation
  • Double layers of EMI/RFI isolation
  • Contacts in both ends fitted with carbon fiber dampening
  • USD 3 500 (2 meters)

Q: Have anyone listened to this cable? Reviews are hard to find. Good reviews even harder to find. Can it compete with the more well known flagship gigants from Shunyata, Audioquest and Nordost?

Indeed IsoTek is one of those companies that do not receive a lot of press coverage.

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Exactly, these are the only reviews one easily can find. Looking at them more thorough one notices a lack of actually usueful information. If one would like to read 3-4 reviews which all state the same sonic signature one might draw conclutions. Presently one needs more information regarding this cable.

Thank you for your help and research

Q: Anyone that have tried this cable?

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