Few simple questions about Bridge in Perfectwave DAC II


I’m a new user of a second hand Perfectwave DAC II including Bridge.

  • How do I see the version of Bridge inside it?

  • If it is Bridge I, it is Roon ready? Roon in my IPAD/Iphone and Mac, does not see it, they are in the same network as my Bridge.

  • I’ve seen M Control software as commonly used one in th database so I’ve installed M Control HD, it does not see my bridge. I installed M Connect Player HD and it sees my Bridge in Play to.

1st picture is M Control HD


2nd picture is M Connect Player HD


Can you help?



I forgot to mention that my Bridge is on 0.2.15 already.


Bridge I does not have a Roon endpoint. For that you need Bridge II, which improves on Bridge I in a number of ways.

Calpay2000, my Bridge II has that written on it. See photo …


If it doesn’t say Bridge II it’s a Bridge I and stevem2’s comment applies.

I was considering upgrading from Bridge 1 to 2 in my Perfectwave DAC MKII.

But would you pay a little extra to buy Directstream Junior which has Bridge II built in? Considering the technology difference between DSJ and PWD MKII?


Upgrading to the DS Jr would be an improvement, but it would cost quite a bit more than a Bridge II. If you’re considering buying a new DS Jr check out the trade-in option for your PWD. There was a trade-in program for the Bridge II when it first came out, not sure if they still are doing it though.

They have that option, they’ll take my DAC MKII+Bridge and give DSJ with extra cost