Installation of Bridge II on PWD


I have a problem with installation of Bridge II on my Perfectwave Digital. Bridge I works OK, but after inserting Bridge II, the PWD does not see the card and does not offer the input. I have the last PWD SW - 3.0.4. The network is connected, but I cannot see Bridge II as an input option.

Any idea what can be the root cause? The Bridge II card is brand new…

Did you turn the power completely off, meaning the on/off switch in the back? If so, maybe try reseating the card.

Thanks for the reply Rob,
Yes, I have tried both… Still the same result

Try looking through this thread.

If you just disconnected the cable from the Bridge I then swapped to Bridge II and plugged the cable back in you are probably going to have to turn everything off back to the Router and re-boot again in order one at a time. The network is still looking for the Bridge I at an assigned IP address. You will need to let the network assign a new IP to the Bridge II so turn the PWD on last after everything else in the network path has rebooted.

Howdy @darko1,

Any progress over the weekend? Power cycling the unit and/or router should have taken care of the issue.

If not, we’ll likely want to get you on the phone with our service team for troubleshooting.