Help with my PerfectWave Mk II w/Bridge

I have a ‘new to me’ PerfectWave Mk II with Bridge and I seem to have several issues to resolve and could use some help.

  1. I would like to know if I have a Bridge I or a Bridge II card. I was told to touch the GEAR icon on the display and if the Bridge verson was greater than 0.2.15 then I have a Bridge II. I do not see a GEAR icon on my display or even a setup menu where you can adjust the display. If I press the HOME button it takes me to the INPUT select menu. The Bridge shows up and if I go to edit it, it shows I am connected to my network and that an IP adress was pulled. Under the firmware version it says N/A.
  2. How to I access the setup menu, how do I update the DAC firmware and how do I update the Bridge firmware?
  3. When I select the Bridge as the input device it shows CONNECTED on the display. I have two DLNA upn servers on my network and neither show up as available. I am thinking there has to be some type of configuration or setup menu I’m mssing to select your DLNA server.

Thanks in advance for any help. Please find some photos attached.

I have my Bridge II card in and the PWA works great with the coax cable. Everything is there using the music server’s GUI and I play directly to the PWA DAC.

I installed the mConnect app on my iPhone and my Popcorn Hour A-500 music server shows up. When I browse the contents of my music server, non of the albums that have DSD files show up in the mConnect. Any suggestions why? It sound like an mConnect issue. Thanks

Did you select Bridge in “Play to” ?
In my system I see all albums including files with dsf extension.

I did select Bridge. The issue is not sending them to the bridge it’s the browser screen on mConnect. It shows everything except the albums with DSF files. I am also wondering if it is the way the DNLB/UPnP service on the A-500 is cataloging them and presenting them to the mConnect app.

When I use the coax method, I am using the software in the A-500 and sending directly to the DAC, no network or Bridge involvement.


I browse my library from Windows using the Media Player. The file contents are even less than what mConnect shows. When I set my A-100 up I didn’t use the default music folder. I created a network share instead and not sure why I did it. I could see if my theory is correct my copying an album with dsf tracks in it to the music folder except I have not found a way to do this.

The way folders are organised on the server is by artist, then album. An album can contain multiple CDs, in this case each CD has its own folder. Still, mConnect can read them all. This said, though still on my tablets and mobile phone, I ceased using mConnect and switched to Roon a few years back. I am checking it to ensure I am giving the right info. :grin:

I think I have found the problem. The A-500 is not a DLNA server, it is only a UPnP server. I have a QNAP server on my network used primarily for backups. I enabled DLNA on it, created a media folder called ‘Music’ and added an album with DSF files. Sure enough, from mConnect I can browse the Music folder on the QNAP and there are my DSF files.

Here’s my next question before I chase this anymore. The A-500 is limited to 24-176 mHz sampling. If I stream directly from my QNAP DLNA server, I think the sample rate is still maxed out at 176.4 mHz for DSD isn’t it?

I don’t see an advantage to putting my media on a platform just so it can be accessed by the Bridge II when the coax input provides the same resolution. Any comments?

On the mConnect app, my test DSD album I copied to my QNAP server is streaming to the Bridge II at 2822.4 kHz and on the PWA the display indicates 88k MQA 24 bit. It sounds like chit across the network with the Bridge

When I play the same album with coax as the input, the stream is 176.4 kHz according to the display on the PWA.