Finally Pulled Trigger on P10

After a lot of churning I finally pulled the trigger on a P10.

Planning to power my Media Sever, Cary SLP05, PWD MK2 DAC with it. Waiting with a lot of anticipation… hopefully it brings discernible difference to my system.

One quick question though, does anybody know what is the length of the power cable supplied with P10.

do you guys run your monos through P10?

IIRC, the stock cable is roughly two meters.

Monos as in mono amps? Absolutely!

I, for one, will be surprised if you are not very pleased. It is the kind of improvement which does not knock you over the head. But then suddenly you appreciate what a great job it is doing.

Elk said I, for one, will be surprised if you are not very pleased. It is the kind of improvement which does not knock you over the head. But then suddenly you appreciate what a great job it is doing.
Well said.

I’m running x2 MF750K’s thru’ my P10.

The P10 takes them in its stride … :)

I have pair of Parasound JC1’s one of the reviews I read, seems to indicate JC1’s wont get any benefit from P10…

Anyways one more week I will know first hand.

A P10 Adventure: My second Monster AVS 2000 took a hike so I thought I would look into voltage regulators and ended up with the P10. I put a great deal of research time digging into to many manufacturers, reading reviews and evaluating which unit would fit in my power hungry system. I run a full 11.1 surround system, with five subwoofers so my needs were extremely specific. Not being a fan of two channel systems (this is only due to being a professional bass player with countless hours on stage), my preference is to recreate the on stage experience which a two channel system can never reproduce. Two channel systems are indeed exceptional in many respects, this is simply a personal preference. I began with a call to PS Audio and a fellow named Gregg was extremely informative. He gave me a good roadmap as to what he felt was needed to meet the demands of my system configuration, proper hookup of all components and the confidence I needed in working with a company who not only puts a great deal of pride in their product, but is there to stand behind it. Manufacturers are interesting in the audio world, especially in how they respond and most importantly the timeliness in getting aid when needed. Each time I called PS Audio the phone was answered timely, and if Gregg was not available I could expect a prompt return call. Exceptional service is the first thing I look for to identify a reputable company, but also people who take care of their valued customers (if you want to find out whether a company is worth investing in call for technical advice). The P10 and fourteen PS Audio power cords later here are my results and installation suggestions:

  1. Call PS Audio and go over all your system parameters, specifically. Clearly understand which outlets you need to use for each piece of equipment and equally important which ones you need to group in each set of outlets.

  2. Purchase a 10 gauge power cord for the unit. The AC5 is superb.

  3. Have your electrician provide for a dedicated 20amp line from your panel to a dedicated receptacle for your equipment – if you are going to make a significant investment then do it right. Although I have done this I have taken it now to the next step. I am installing a new 10 gauge, double cryogenic treated cable to a Furutech GTX/D receptacle. The cable is also going through a 7 day high voltage “cooker” treatment for 7 days so when it is installed, will require no break in time.

  4. Deal with your power cable solution for the remainder of your equipment prior to receiving the unit. I went with AC 5’s for my Receiver, Power Amp, P10 and my two front 15 inch subs. For my blue Ray Player and 3 rear subs I went with AC 3’s (tried the AC 5’s in the rear subs but the attack with the AC 3’s were more intense, tight and spot on).

  5. Have plenty of clearance to plug all your cords into the P10. This is an extremely tight fit and frankly takes a good deal of strength to plug in with well made 10 and 12 gauge power cables. I cannot emphasize this enough – it is a difficult, bruising experience if you do not have a direct lineup when plugging everything in.

  6. Be sure to get the unit ID at fire up. This is on the initiation screen. You can get to it by touching the initiation screen when firing up the unit, but if you get it the first time it will save you the hassle later – problem here is, it can only be done by the main on/off switch located in the rear of the unit. If you have it in a situation where it has a permanent placement, and is a hassle to get to, you will be well rewarded by following this suggestion.

  7. Run 12 gauge power cable to all your speakers. My personal preference is Blue Jeans Cable in Seattle. This guy knows his science and sells moderately priced high quality cable, Why – when performing a calibration the P10 is able to deliver an extreme solid signal and aid your power amp immeasurably. The measured signal is spot on with no signal wavering in the reading. This was the first, before and after noticeable and immediate difference I found with the P10. This is a fantastic unit which requires compliment – feed it.

  8. Dump Comcast and their coax cable garbage immediately. Ground loop issues as well as other dirt spilling over from coax is a real pain. You can use a ground loop isolator but will only accomplish ridding yourself of 98% of the disease. With fortunate timing I was in the middle of having my third X1 box switched out (a complete technological failure in every respect) and decided to go with AT&T Uverse – little did I know that they do not use Coax but Cat 5 – no ground loop of any kind (as a side note I went with the PS Audio Jewel C7 for my Samsung TV and Cable box with fantastic and immediate positive results), and remnant free sound!

You can easily spot dirty power, especially remnants in sound. Clarity, articulation, attack and the soothing richness offered buy a consistent power is sonically unquestionable. My first powering up of the P10 required me to change everything. First, the power cables alone initiated a 30% rollback in each subwoofer. Secondly, I had to recalibrate all speakers, paying close attention to crossover frequencies, distance and level settings, and other time consuming tweaks – all worth it, since when everything was finally completed the magic began.

Well… The soundstage had a significant massive infusion. 3D quality effects where such enormous clarity and articulation became immediate apparent with a wild new perspective – exactly where these delightfully clear yet transparent sounds coming from? They are specific in reference, well defined, a tightness in both harmony and attack, backup vocals clear and capturing. The subwoofer attack was another pleasing and proper benefit. Can you tell the difference of round wound strings on a fender precision bass – can now. Does the Bass dimension have the punch delivered when in precise tempo with the bass drum – precisely. Is there an edge - when I use to perform in the sixties I used two dual showman bottoms with JBL 4 D140F speakers and an old tube top showman amp – the result - like a shovel being driven into the earth. The P10 was delivering all of it – tight clean bass responses – edge – you are on the edge. If you would like to provide for a representative comparison, pickup a copy of Steely Dan’s “Two Against Nature” DVD, it offers a complete evaluation and a good test for picking up all musical elements for system evaluation. It is a precise recording – fantastic quality with perfect reference features.

Movies are another massive improvement. Before all of my improvements my system would easily test the structural integrity of the house (lol). The aspects now are not only as intense but with deeper clarity and plenty of power to properly enhance special effects at studio level requirements. With my system at its roaring best I was only pushing the P10 at 35%!

I could spend much time on analytical analysis but it is my ears that are having too much fun. The P10 is a great ride and I have zero regrets in its acquisition. It is one of those pieces that I think “I could not live without” in a proper setup system. This is only my opinion. Others may have their own preferences, and their opinion may be just as valid, but I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. When I watched the video presentation regarding the P10, and their objective was defined as presenting sound as “though you are there” it has met that objective wholehearted – go there – you will enjoy the ride.

Best regards to all in your audio pursuits,


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Thanks for this lengthy appraisal! It’s appreciated.clapping_gif

Welcome, Jack!

Great post. I can’t wait to see your number two post. :)

+1. Thanks very much for sharing your experience. An 11.1 channel system–wow!

PS Audio P10 Adventure Part II – The adventure continues – Added four more speakers to my system – now running 15 speakers and 5 subs – This addition is absolutely phenominal! The P10 iis brokien in and sounding even better. Handles the system with ease and the clarity is nothing less than magnificent and completely breathtaking. Dumped my old balance cables and made the switch to Mogami Gold Neglex Studio Neutrik XLR’s – this resulted in a total surprising and immediate difference – the most subtle aspects of articlulation are now extremely precise and distinct.

A biig week coming up – installing double cryogenic treated 10 guage Romex (also ran through a high voltage cooker for 7 days) from the panel to a Furutech GTX-D R Duplex – will have to see if all that has been said is true (this was not expensive – total cost $339.00 for all treatment, 10/2 Romex and shipping – figured what the heck for that cost why not take this as far as it can go). With this imporvement I will have done all that can be done with regards to collateral equipment improvements.

As of now my system is a mind blower – total ear candy.

I left a favorable review on my P10 on Amazon – The best investment you can make to your audio system!

Will let you know what happens after the 10 guage installation - can’t wait.

If you are on the fence about buying a P10 (it is on sale now direct via PS Audio) – do it – you will never look back!

Kindest regards,



Thanks for sharing Jack. The P10 is a great piece of kit.

Doing a quick revival of a old thread! I finally pulled the trigger on a new to me Perfectwave P10 and a little less than a week in my system I am super pleased with the results! The sound has again changed for the better! I would love a P20 or P15 but the P10 is the perfect gateway drug to bigger and possibly better things! If the P10 is the older technology then I can wait to hear the current products! I was on the fence with regenerator or Audioquest Niagara 5000. The price on the slightly used P10 and the great reviews on the PS Audio line of regenerators helped me make the decision. I thought being the first house on my block that I was getting the best electrical connection with less contamination but I’m getting anywhere from 2.8% to 3.1% THD not sure where that rates but the 0.1 to 0.2 THD going out is magical for my rig! I also read the recent article from Michael Fremer and his transfer switch. Not that I have an issue with that but it just made more sense to go regenerator.


Congrats. Now you will enjoy cleaner bass and less distorted highs, the result of which a much better defined sound stage, better definition and spatial info of vocals and instruments.


thank you @Serhan

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