Finally, the P3 come, some impressions

Unload from the carrier shiping, unbox it , place into the book shelf
the 230V unit has only 4 outlets and one input, just enough for now, 2 M700 and one GCDS , one outlet left for the turntable phono box , the DAC just connect to the wall for temporarily now.

IT’s not hot at all , just warm even the outside temperature is 32 degree Celsius, but who care for now? just enjoy it

well the sound quality?, err, uhmmm, not change so much , just the same like before, however not worry for the up/down line voltage input, isn’t its main usage is to regulate the voltage, Is it?

Ten hours later, the sound background seem more cleaner with a bit darker, not sure this is the good thing because the sound stage seem to be narrow a bit ( is that normal?)

OK, just leave it there plugged to break - in

Three days later, sound good like before plug the P3 in, have something out and back at night, at night, when children sleep, listen again the stellar stack

Well, this time the vocal seem to lay back 3-5 foots in center, not up front like before, thing seem harmony and well control, treble is not as sharp as it used to be, bass seem tighter, change the cat5e back to the DAC , the sharp and detail of the treble come back and better than the current CAT8, but bass is less power, vocal is upfront again.

Continue to see the change with new P3.

Quick question: should we leave the P3 plug day by day and just unplug it when need? , and what is the diff between the Multi sine wave vs the Clean wave when we toggle it? according the document I see it is recommended the MW when use with turntable and CD, but I don’t see any diff with turntable when in Multiwave

People have any advises for me ?

ps: also need more time to break in the four Pangea Audio AC-9SE signature cable, hopefully they will sound better after a week or more


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The break in of cables are probably limiting your success with the power generator, meaning much more improvement are likley to come as power cables and power generators are more broken in.

The clean wave function should likley improve things for 2-5 songs before in might be worth while using pushing the button again. It will influence electro-magnetism in connected components. The multi wave function has to do with how the sine wave are built up and presented. The tip of the sine wave becomes broader, meaning that more power are filled into the capacitors quicker that might improve sound (the capacitors are only filled from the upper most part of the sine wave, 50 or 60 times per second (50/60 Hz).

Some manufactures such as Gryphon build gigantic power resevoars in their amps (banks of capacitors). Usually they are less affected by the choise of power cable.

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Leave it on 24/7.


just wake up this morning and play some music with DAC streaming, I notice the background has a bit clear and detail, the rain falling in the background of the song apparent more sharper and bit hash with some ambient noise that I did hear before ( just the same setup with same cables, only P3 plug in and provide power for whole system), the sound in general seem louder that I have to turn down one step volume ( 17, before is 18 or 20 only and louder enough) , the more turning up volume (25-30) the feeling seems like there is something collapsed, not so smooth and harmony like before plugging the P3 in, I know the change is just starting the break-in process and there will be more change later after a week or month, but seem not to happy much with the change, Is that normal ?
It is 5 days with the P3 leaving 24/7
by the way, the turnable sound better before having P3, streaming via NAS on TEAC NT-505 showed the change as I mention above.

I introduced a P3 into my system which had a DSDjr, BHK Pre, M700’s. With the P3 I noticed a improvement in the bass right away; a lot tighter, less “boomy”. I didn’t notice any negative effects in the sound stage, which I would have taken note of, sound stage is very important to me. I moved up to the M1200’s and tried them with the same setup on the P3, but as I read somewhere the 1200’s may be pushing the P3 to hard. So I switched those outlets on the P3 to high-current mode (HC) and it resulted in a improvement for me. Seemed to open up the amps somewhat. Can you try your 700’s on the outlets that can be switched to HC mode if you haven’t already? Just to see if you notice any difference. Don’t do the switch with the P3 active however.

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On my system, there are four outlets only in P3 and switch named HC next to the input outlet, the right outer switch is ON/OFF
I don’t see any output outlet say it can run with HC ,are the four output will be in HC mode at the same time if I switch the HC to ON ?
Thank for your help

It looks like on the 230v P3, the first two outlets (closest to the AC in) can be switched from regen to HC.

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I bought my P3 around this time last year and it has been on ever since. There was only one time I came home and found it off, so I am assuming the power went out or it tripped.

As for the clean/multi sine wave option, was using it frequently in the beginning. I cannot honestly say I can tell any difference when I have pressed the button. I have not even done it in a couple of months now, so I might try it again today to see if it changes the sound or makes a difference. YMMV.

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Thank you

I saw that the HC switch toggle to ON together with the master switch out of the box , and I don’t change to off but run with HC on from beginning . I don’t know which outlets are design to run with HC mode, the book ship with the unit says nothing about specific outlets in europa version (mine are shuko plugs type) , they just mention the unit for US market only. But that’s was not much related I guess
back to the sound quality, I notice that since the background music become much cleaner with the P3 then we are able to hear the more detail of other frequencies that could not be presented before, the little “hash” is something may come from the power cable and the P2 that just start break -in I think I need to wait for couples weeks or months, thing will be changed
as someone said , the bass are more tighter and no boomy like the REL T7i sub had that i paired with before.
the stereo image seems better with the vocal get more integration and not pop out upfront about 3 or 4 foots , now it step back a half , I don’t know how to express what I feel but something like that.

I read on internet the Pangea power cables ( mine are AC9 mark II signature) get more time to break-in . so just wait a month for them to shine.

Thank you all , I may report if any “issue”

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Congratualtions on your new P3! The two sockets closest to the power switch are Filtered High Current or Regenerated Power. The two sockets further from the first two are Rengeerated Power only. I tried connecting my DAC / streamer to high power, and got good results.

My regenerator took over a month to sound its best. So, better things are waiting ahead.

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Oh, my bad! I did not notice the outlets are grouped into two zones,
should it be to connect the power hungry components like power amp into the HC outlet ?
the less power draw into regenerated zone or visa verse?
Thank you

Hi @leean
Yes, as you nted, typically, HC outlets are used to power amplifiers & integrated amplifiers. Regenerated Power outlets are used to feed preamps & other sources.

So I should swap the power amp to the HC zone , pream and DAC to regenerated zone?
Honestly I don’t see any different even bit in sound level, but I just want to connect in the plug as they designed to work correctly, then let see the different later.
Find nowhere on the book ship with the unit say the usage of filter high current or regenerated outlets for which type of device to connect to, and same with regenerated outlet.
a little bit confusion
@Any body at PS Audio can enlighten me on this?

Thank you

as I said earlier I don’t see any difference with HC outlet vs non HC outlet, but I want to connect right outlet as designed to go

Changes are graudual, and in a couple of weeks, you can remove the P3 and hear if things are better or worse!

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thank Serhan
so the power hungry device power amp or integrated amp need to connect to HC outlets, right ?
let see the changes later, but need to connect right outlets first

Correct! However, you can still test the power amp direct to the wall after a couple of weeks to see if things are better witht with the P3 or not.

well, unplug the power cable to connect to wall , then try to reconnect to the P3 is kind of “night mare” to make all settled up and aligned because the power cable I’m using are the Pangea AC9 SE mark II signature that very very stiff with >2,54 cm ( 1 inch) diameter, especially at 0.6 m length it is really hard to bend, I can not use longer length since in the book shelf there is a little space to hold re redundant length,

I have a half of year using the stellar stack without the P3 , just with the isolated transformer so I “remember” sound signature of some songs in my mind, so no need to double check to see the changes right away,

I admit that with the new P3, just nearly a week 24/7 I see the SQ is better, stereo image can be more clear and detail, clean or not is waiting couple week to see, but there comes some grain sonic sounds that I did not notice before, it feels a bit “hash” or the sound in general sound a bit brighter ? maybe without the clean power the background was not clean, some hidden frequencies have no change to show up, now they come.

I know it is just a week with the new one that need to break in, so need to wait

This is not necessary, I only suggested this to confirm the positive impact and to make you feel positive about your investment.


Well, peoples can’t be wrong when giving good reviews on P3, especially lot lot of people over here, so neither can i, i think I have been too anxious to see the changes while the breaking has just been started, i believe after few weeks thing will change, and the quality will improve.
The turntable sound much clearer i saw that, just with streaming there need to do some adjustments since play digital music there are lot of thing to do, that the next phase with LPS for switch, music server, network cabling etc,

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I agree. After extended listening to a change to the system that has, or is supposed to have, delivered a material improvement in overall performance I find it helpful to try and revert to the previous system configuration or replaced kit and listen critically. This often (usually) allows me to come to a definitive conclusion as to whether the proposed “upgrade” really was an upgrade, was in fact “worse” than what I had/was doing before or turned out to be basically neutral in its overall impact.

A/B listening alone, over short comparative listening sessions is usually not enough for me to draw any conclusions.