Firmware suggestion: Profiles for different outlet configurations

I am very happy with my PS12 - finally the notorious “my system sounds good only after 2 A.M.” is history!

I have a suggestion for a possible firmware update: please let us be able to program 2 or 3 “profiles”, that will influence, what outlets will be switched on when the powerplant is started - and maybe even add a few more options.

Here’s why I came up with this idea: I am actually running two systems from my PS12.
One is a “modern” setup with active speakers, subwoofers, preamp, streaming client, turntable.
The other one is a vintage setup with a Triode Tube-Amp, a vintage Thorens turntable, LS3/5A speakers and a Reel2Reel machine.
Of course, these systems never run at the same time.

So first of all it would be great, if I could define, which power sockets are switched on in a given situation - aka “profile 1” / “profile 2” etc. so I do not have to power up subwoofers, active speakers etc. when I am listening to my vintage setup and vice versa.

Furthermore, I could also think of incorporating output voltage definition in those profiles: my vintage setup stems from the old 220V-times - the Thorens turntable motor for example actually runs best at 210V, 220V are ok, but 230V far exceeds its specification. Also the Triode amp is from the “220V-times”, as is the Reel2Reel. The “modern” system uses 230V (mostly switched mode) power supplies. So why not give each system what it needs in a clearly defined profile - when setting up output voltage is combined with selecting which sockets are active, one could easily define a clear profile for each situation. So when starting the PS12 with a 220V output voltage, I’d only activate f.e. sockets 1 & 2, whilst when starting it in 230V-mode, I’d only switch on sockets 3 & 4. So I separate my systems, whilst the PS12 runs in either 220V or 230V mode (I know that “dual voltage” is not an option).

Without going into further detail - I have some ideas how this could be incorporated, since the remote does not offer any “number” keys or other methods of selecting a profile when hitting the power button.

What do you think?

Interesting thought.

I have no need for this and do not mind turni g pieces of equipment on and off, but others might find this of interest.

Perhaps the web interface could be set up to save and load alternate configurations.

Agreed, if I only could do that in a more straightforward way. Turning the P12 on, it will power all sockets according to the chosen settings.
What imho is missing in the options, is a “manual” setting, that will boot up the electronics, but leave the sockets unpowered.
If this setting was available, I could boot up the P12 and go to the front screen and manually choose, what sockets I want to activate by pressing the respective symbols.
Right now, this procedure is the other way round: I power all sockets and then deactivate singular sockets.

Do you think, that might be a quick fix for your engineers, before they consider my “profile”-suggestion?

Btw.: currently, I get 235V input voltage, another good argument to use my P12 to lower output voltage for my vintage equipment…