Silly question on PSA power plant

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I haven’t a chance to try any power plant as power frontend device for audio gear, basically i understand what and why it made for. SO here are my questions :

  1. I have to order all i need from Japan which is 100v with 50/60hz counry while i’m 220v - 50hz, so to make use of the system i need to have the step down voltage transformer for not frying the gears, then the question is :
    a / Do all PSA power plants have autovoltage input from 90-230 ? or they are region specific with fixed input ?
    b/ Will it be able to configure the output voltage on each zone outlet behind the back power plant with software/ remote… etc or they will be 1:1 for input-output
  2. Support i decide to buy a PS power plant from the US , will i be able to request the specific voltage input version other than US market? and there are also 2 sub questions on this:
    a/ input voltage = 230v 50/60hz while output is fixed by 100v ( i order the two Stellar M700 with 100v from Japan already)
    b/Is the PSA working OK with stepdown transformer without trade off the outperfomernt and sound quality ? I read all posts here and did not see the same situation that i’m asking

The questions may sound fun to some of you since they seem kinda basic. But unlike you guys in US/ EU/Japan… where PSA office/branch available for demo or even having by door shipping, i’m living in a place where PS still new to most of audio guys over here. But I’m really interested and excited on PS A components

Thank you.

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I too am learning all the time :smile:
Actually, if I were you I would have ordered the M700 from one of those global distributors to match your local voltage. There are quite a few in the UK and EU who would be willing to send you the 230v version of anything PS Audio.
As for the power plants, they too are voltage specific, but not frequency specific. So they d. It alter the Hz. They have a range of voltage and time tolerance after which they would trip to protect the the equipment. This protection is done both ways, i.e. over voltage and under voltage.

For example, you can check the specs of the P12 here:

Thanks Serhan

Getting the PSA components as you suggest via global distributor will not work for me since they don’t ship to VietNam except some countries in ASIA like Japan or Hongkong. even if yes, there is bunch of fee added that make the component goes up to 30%. I often buy these stuffs in US since i have my family shipping location there. Recently, the COVID19 getting worse , some shipping courier shutdown business, i still get stuck with lot of thing stay there.

One more reason you should be getting the stuff in US or Japan, because they are usually cheaper than UK,EU or Australia. i don’t know why (maybe inport tax is higher)

I think at PSA they may all version for all market at the factory, they then just ship to their distributed system arround the world, then i ask where i can buy a component with specific input voltage request.
Relate to the working range of power , i think they make the power suply with universal voltage then they set them by the region they ship to. That’s why i want a custom version … I dont know if some of PSA guys here can lighten me with that concerns.

When dealers base their online order system on overseas sales, they do not charge the local tax (GST, VAT, Sales tax etc.) Hence, you get a good price and all you pay is your local import taxes. If you have TNT or Fedex in your country, the. Then they can ship to you.

In other words you have to factor in importer profit margin if not bought from source country

Absolutely. The challenge of living in a country with no dealer for PS Audio is that PS Audio in the US would not handle direct sales to overseas customers. So, if you live overseas, you have to go through an overseas dealer willing and capable of shipping a product that meets your local power requirements.

Well, i dont bother with 100V equipments while i’m 230v country provide that they are reasonable prices .
But since i check with PSA support then they said they don’t recommend to use stepdown transformer before the PS power plan because it was not designed to work that way. That’s why i have just canceled the deal with Japanese seller to get 230v version from UK with more money added

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