PSAudio Power Center

Just received the PSAudio Powerplant 12. So far so good. When trying to name the components that I have plugged in via the Power Center online control panel for configuration, renaming the plugs for Zone C and D are screwed up - it replicates from Zone C to D and will not save the names I enter. Also, it is not clear how the outlets are numbered - within each zone, is outlet one on the left or right, etc.

Here is what I posted years ago. PSA is aware of this bug.

I noticed that too. The software may be a “one size fits all” for the entire Power Plant lineup. I think the P20 may use all of the spots but haven’t got mine hooked up yet to see.

Our programmers are aware of this one and it’s one. Hopefully it won’t be a tricky one. You can only name and control the zone. An individual outlet is only controlled and named within the zone it’s under.

Hi Guys,

I seem to remember something strange about saving the names when I first got the P20. I think I was able to save labels in some of the fields that you are saying don’t work. Take a look at the screen shot below. If I am correct in understanding the post I believe that I have names stored in places you are struggling with. Is this correct? If so I will spend some time to try to remember what I did to get around the problem and post it for all.

The is what happen on my P12. As show in the pic I attached above. This bug on outlet naming is actually in a continuous order. There are 8 outlets in P12, the web interface outlet 1 to 8 set those accordingly.
That is, on the web interface under zone 1, it shows 4 outlets, it turns out, outlet 1/2 will set the name on zone 1 outlet1/2 on P12 and outlet 3/4 on zone 2 outlet 1/2 on P12. etc.

I think this one is on P12. Rev2.11 firmware update. My P12 web interface was good, but broken as shows in pic above after the rev2.11 update.

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