Firmware upgrades - changelog and when launched?

A useful feature, (which doesn’t appear to be currently available), for firmware updates would be :–

Changelog - giving details of what new features are being launched and any bug fixes included.

Firmware launch date - to give an idea of how old the firmware is. Useful when looking back over firmware details.

As far as I can see the firmware page just gives the actual firmware itself, with no details.

Depending on which products, PST has a nice released notes with update history/change log. Other product FW update might not have released notes. My own opinion, that I am a scientific software developer, I need to produce a detail released note on what new features have been added and what bugs have been fixed, on the other hand, I never pay attention to the update SONY push to my TV, or Yamaha push to my Yamaha hifi gears.

It just makes sense to provide details of any new developments or bug fixes on firmware updates.

See Dirac Live website for an example. They are currently on version 3.0.14 and detail what has been added in the latest update.